Thursday, 28 August 2008

journey from Mr 10 percent to Mr clean

It wasnt that a big deal for Zardari sahab was it? A few days ago he was the infamous, controversial figure( he still is) tagged as Mr 10 percent and today he comes out as a pristine person cleared of all the corruption charges against him. 11 years of investigation case was closed down since Pakistan never took an initiative. Besides that what is $ 60 million to people like zardari...its people like me who dont even know how many zeros there are in a million! A perfect time for him to get rid of all the stains on his shirt while he roams around as the next Presidential candidate. I wonder what the definition of a leader used to be. Shouldnt the person be someone above controversy,above a shady personality and suspicion? what happened to the concept of integrity and respect and commitments?

Sunday, 24 August 2008

zits again

zits has always been my fav so heres another strip :D :D
LOL!!! umm so is this true about girls and guys?

Thursday, 21 August 2008

donkey had a great fall

I m a bird person but at the same time i dont mind cats, dogs and other such animals. And i have always found donkeys very very CUTE!! In fact i would like to advocate for the rights of animals sometime in my life BUT only when humans start to get their value of life back and are not treated like insects..sigh..alright coming back to the video below.
My feelings so far on this are :O, OMG, laughing plus feeling bad for the pooor thing, :S, :$, :(, :/
just watch it and comment.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Biggest lizard: Komodo Dragon

This post is dedicated to Amna aka nando villa, my friend and a regular blog reader :)

The thought of lizards and cockroaches makes me utter 'eewwww' but this biggie is a WOW! Alright some funny stuff before i move onto the real stuff about the lizzi. I had a stupid cum funny conversation with two of my friends over this lizard.Umm lets just not get into the detail of that crazy convo ;). At first i felt it looked somewhat like a turtle by face :S lol, but now NO, it looks more like a snake, doesn't it? :p and this is where my friend disagreed hehehe. OK its the largest living species of lizards,called a Komodo Dragon to be precise inhibiting in the islands of Komodo, Indonesia!

for a detailed study of it, if you're interested, google it :p :D

p.s Aami thanks for the picture ;)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

gol gappay wala

I remember writing something here on the ultimate delicious junk food found left, right on every street in Pakistan The gol gappay! YUM. however,instead of eating them i m humming this old, classic song that goes like 'gol gappy wala aya gol gappay wala, gol gappay laya'...and something like that. its a great fun song from an old Pakistani movie, starring Allaudin with song sung by Ahmed Rushdi. And luckily i found it on this something similar to youtube site. is a decent website with an impressive number of movies, dramas and songs...all Pakistan Maal easily available here. :D :D :D
heres the link to the song, listen to it while i hum away to the tune :p

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

a day to celebrate it was.....

This day deserved better...not another terrorist attack... like my blog friend m.h.a, i too wanted to write something positive about about THIS DAY. its 14th of August. OUR independence day! do you know what independence is? its about owning a country, having an identity, living a life of security, opportunities, experiencing the beauty of life in a safe haven of your own, which one proudly calls home. i think we aimed for all the above while we fought for A country, a place where we would see all our dreams come true. sounds great but it didnt really end us up in exactly this way. things went bad. and today as we prepared to celebrate 61 years of our nation's existence, another bomb blast hit Lahore, Allama Iqbal Town, a densely populated residential area, at exactly some minutes before 12 'o' clock. this incident is unfortunately nothing new to us as Pakistanis since we experience it in one way or the other, it has become a part of our lives...but what is exceedingly excruciating is that instead of being able to see fireworks dance in the dark night sky we saw smoke, smoke of betrayal and more hatred and more destruction.
As the news hit the channels my heart raced several beats, fear engulfed and my thoughts went back to Rohma,mona and fati(friends), my mamoo( uncle) and my Khala(aunt), all of who live in Allama Iqbal Town.
but this attack was never the idea of post today. i had various other ideas to celebrate this day a bit differently for all my blog readers and share with them a special bond not only of the bloggership that we have but also of the same identity of being...Pakistanis

I remember coming to Pakistan as a child of around 7 or 8 and hating it. literally. the hot weather, the load shedding, potholes, loud traffic, donkeys idling themselves in an empty plot right next to my house was irritating. i couldnt find a single good reason to believe that this was the country i could live my whole life in. and now it hurts to see so many of my brothers and sisters die everyday. it hurts to see my country becoming a ruin. it hurts to see a place i now call home withering away...i have not only begun to feel it my homeland, i have also developed a strange tie with its soil, its air, its water, its people and even the donkeys that i have come to love so dearly!
the scars are new, the wounds are fresh, the blood still warm and the hearts still pain..with fear...with doubts and uncertainty and the spirit of celebration fading away...but

lets pray, and remember/recall one good memory of ever being in Pakistan.
my best and recent memory is the ritual we perform every single year. my elder brother started it and now we carry it forward. as 1st of august approaches we take out our huge green and white flag, buy some ropes, pick the tall, thick danda and make our way to the terrace and then to the paani waali tanki. this year it rained at 12.00 am as we were putting up the flag. drenched in rain, with patriotism at its high and the flag soaring in the air, it was just so great being a Pakistani :) Does anyone remember all the old patriotic songs sung by Mehdi hasan, Noor jahan, Nusrat fateh ali,Junaid Jamshed's Dil Dil Pakistan, Shakey and Alamgir? i totally love those songs!! One, because they are so original, secondly because they arouse this strange yet a pure feeling of love, enthusiasm, and goosebumps :D and so here i am posting a clip we all relate to(watch this space for more old patriotic numbers)i just found another golden song that so has to be posted. so heres two lovely songs from old times :)
and what is your one good memory of ever being in Pakistan?

Azaadi Mubarak(and i hope to live the experience of real azaadi, azaadi in its true essence soon one day)

heres another one with Alamgir, featuring the intriguing Benjamun sisters, the temptation got the better of me hehe

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tuberose 'flaaarz'

a lovely day calls for something beautiful to talk about. before moving onto today's entry, i would like to give a weather report :p
ITS BEEN RAINING FOR AROUND 6 HOURS HERE!!! :O, :D, *jumping around with joy smiley*, *dancing around with joy*, :/,*scratching my head* , *-), *hmmmmmm*

okie dokie back to the entry. Tuberose. i never knew the name of my favourite flowers or (as we call it in our desi lingo) 'flaaarz' until i read shoaib hashmi's column last sunday. He mentioned a little about these flowers called tube roses that i recognize so well and exclaimed to my amusement: 'yay! so thats what those scenty, tall, elegant milky white,beautiful flowers are called'... but then like shoaib hashmi i too wonder why the name 'tube rose' when they neither look like a tube nor like a rose!

i took this picture recently,a month back, when my love for them was still blossoming.

Originally they come from Central America. and now something interesting about these aromatic flowers is the following.
The legend of the tuberose in France warns that young girls should not breathe in its fragrance after dark for fear that it would put them in a romantic mood.
In India, tuberose is known as raat ki rani, [The Mistress of the Night] for similar reasons(and raat ki rani is a famous name in our part of the world too). In Ayurvedic medicine, attars are held in high esteem not only for their exquisite fragrance, but their healing properties. Tuberose is known to improve one’s capacity for emotional depth. By opening the crown chakra it improves psychic powers. Tuberose also amplifies artistic inspiration as it stimulates the creative right side of the brain. And it brings serenity to the mind and heart.

i had a great time reading into the details of tube rose. the best characteristic of this flower is its scent that keeps producing itself unlike other flowers that lose their scent soon after they are picked. and also its magical quality believed to stimulate our creative abilities.

Friday, 8 August 2008


Finally i was able to get my lethargic self out of bed for fajar prayer! AT LAST! and since i was up early i thought a little fresh air wont harm and so a stroll in the lawn was fulfilling..
the rest of the day was consumed with chores around the house( i am domesticating these days :p) and then it was food, tv, book, random trips on the net, talking to friends on the phone.
Its friday, i mean it was friday yet i was hysterical for the rest of the night. A friend and i share hysterical wednesdays together. totally out of control wildness at its worse display. total madness. one fateful day(wednesday it was thus the term mentioned above) some peculiar events led to our extreme emotional condition followed by laughter pangs( is there anything such as that i wonder hm). end result lots and lots of hysteria with a capital, bold H. well i had to catch up with our past wednesday hysteria :D felt good Ah!!
At dinner there was something to ponder over..the food. i just couldn't bring myself to swallow my roti which became exceptionally huge, the more i ate the more there was left..ugh,,load shedding and hot weather with generators blaring around does that to your state of mind and state of appetite. alas the dinner came to an end..chocolate..i needed to fulfill my addiction. sadly i couldnt. no chocolate,,the best i got was bourbon biscuits..its got a layers of chocolate inside,,and so i licked it :p
I have suddenly, totally out of the blue, discovered my hidden forte of....screaming! YES, i never knew that i could scream at the highest pitch ever until yesterday when i was THIS close to a lizard! eww (i m highly biased against roaches, lizards and their counterparts) surprisingly i let out a shrilling, long, loud, SCREAM. phew. well one things for sure, screaming does help release all the built up tension or fear :p Please note that screaming intentionally or otherwise on thrilling rides is an altogether a different genre of art *blink* reading habit is declining fast,,i started a book in march? and i completed it only last say last month :p anyone wana compete for the slowest-book-reader-geek category??? anyone? but i am reading another book now, something from the rusty dusty shelf of the classics.its Wuthering Heights again..and i am falling in love with it!
Bored? whatever, stop reading, go to bed, have some dreams! oh that reminds me of something, yes dreams of course. i hardly ever dreamm...and when i do,,its always nightmares, nightmares that i go on to remember for a long time. its scary.

I abandoned myself from politics and news and all the crap that the news channels have to offer. it was break time and enough of my journalism huh. but the clowns cant stay in the closet for long and also i see them everyday, every single day and dread to have ever gone to cast my precious vote! so the clowns are out in the open again,, yes the two despicable, rotten onions are partying to fake up their coalition. and somewhere in US a poor, human is suffering a fate she so doesnt deserve. Dr Afia Siddiqui. A woman, a mother of 3, and foremost a human with a soul. jailed for 5 long years, tortured perhaps.and charges? involvement with terrorist groups, and shooting M4 firearm at some US officials...
and did i mention that amidst all chaos and bedlam our *Brand New* prime minister flew to China; couldnt afford to miss Olympics 2008 when his country faces hardships, divided opinion of people belonging to the same country,share the same culture and the same history, girls' schools being torched in swat and valuable people manhandled by foreign forces.
what can we expect of a man who cant even deliver a live speech, extempore, WITHOUT a paper, a written speech by someone else! he definitely doesnt know the country.

SIGH... i am half asleep and half awake and thus the above ravings and blabbing.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

googleland found mubi :D

its a summer afternoon..i am free as a bird, have nothing to do so i type in
hmm contemplating, thinking, thinking more...umm what should i google...eyes on the screen i type in 'mubi' just like that. just randomly. but Voila! what a brilliant response to that :D :D :D

following are the results ;)

i am AMAZED, according to Britannica, mubi is a town, northeastern Adamawa state, northeastern Nigeria. It lies on the west bank of the Yedseram River, a stream that flows north into Lake Chad, and is situated on the western flanks of the Mandara Mountains. So wow, mubi is in Nigeria...never knew that, partly coz i hv always been bad at geography :P and the picture of the mubi river is incredible, beautiful!! here it is

then strangely enough but quite there on the googled page is something very Alien yet familiar. Naruto Mubi...:S :S :S i have read of it somewhere and YES then suddenly i remember that duckling mentioned something about this weird name Naruto. LOL. So there is some fictional character in Naruto by the name of mubi :D funny but its a HE AND i even found out how mubi looks like. here you go

SEE? so Mubi naruto is an interesting,very interesting character in some hi fi cartoon series which i am planning to start watching ahem ahem. the most fascinating part is that mubi is a genin, a ninja in other words :D i found this wonderful site where they have it all in detail about this ninja:D ( i have bookmarked it for later reading) for now well i have some really big plans of changing my name to ninja mubi :P

once, a long time back, once upon a time i stumbled upon moby not mubi but moby dick probably everyone knows of the book and ignorant as i am i DIDNT :$ sigh. however, my ignorance saw the light of the day and i read into the story about this whale called moby dick :D heres a brief description of the whale
Moby Dick is a mottled Sperm Whale with a white hump, of extraordinary ferocity and size, but also possesses ineffable strength, mystery, and power. The color white is explored in the chapter "The Whiteness of the Whale". courtesy Wikipedia

so by the end of this tediously easy research i conclude that i am so far a river in Nigeria that flows in mubi town, i am a ninja notice my *grin* from ear to ear(though i dont like the way they drew me) and i am a whale!!!, a classic one ;)

p.s if there is more on 'mubi', leme know ;)

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Letter from a 'potential girlfriend' Uncensored

The letter below was an effort written by (naive, no experience of writting letters to potential dates) Mubi and Rukh (for a class assignment for a given situation, creative writing module,unfortunately the instructor never got to read it:p) and i thereby dedicate this letter( i found under my bed in the stack of raadi) to my dear friend rukhie :D and this letter is all uncensored as you may observe.

Dear Paul

Sweetheart Paul,

Yesterday night was

At the party last night

I do not know how to pen down my feelings.. When Sarah introduced us, I never thought that you could be The Mr. Right (I hope your first name is not Always) but after spending some time with you, I realized that my search for my knight in a shiny armour(did you polish it?) (ugh, cheesy? Old lines..) had concluded. A few minutes in your company relaxed me and I couldn’t believe it we have so much in common!!

I never believed in love at first sight Even before we met I felt a connection, certain strange vibes between the two of us and I know you feel the same way( and if you don’t, you are dead!) though I enjoyed talking and dancing and spending a lovely evening with you; I wish we could meet somewhere much more intimate and romantic.

Imagine just the both of us on seashore (can you swim? Coz I may drown you) having a candle light dinner (bring your credit card along) with a full moon serving as a classic backdrop for a perfect evening out. I feel as if we are two sides of the same coin. You are the man of my dreams and I want to take this acquaintanceship to a further level.

What are you doin tonight This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

What are you doing tonight?

With love (muah)


p.s: this wasnt written in a 'sane' state of mind.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

elmo :D

aw i used to love them. i grew up watching episodes of Sesame street and elmo was my favorite monster, o ya the cookie monster too. i didnt like bert and ernie that much but i owned a pair of stuff toys which eventually were victimized by a deadly fungus ( i mistakenly or otherwise kept polo in my toy basket and result....ernie and bert died) :p

heres a clip for old times


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