Wednesday, 9 July 2008


i am addicted to this comic strip. in case none of you noticed, i once put up a link to this comic strip page :P. anyways i love it. and this strip reminds me that i too gallop down the stairs and my mum says the exact thing. LOL but i dont ask 'ppl do that?'

p.s the image doesnt get any bigger. i m afraid you'll have to click on the image to get a bigger version.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! "People do that?"

sista said...

Hey mubes, one of us?...yeah!!!

Good for you!

Summer Cutee said...


Lunatic.... said...

I am a stair-phobiac wud never imagine doing that :P :$

Mubi said...

@ lunatic

lol, stair phobia? ehehe so how do u commute if ther are stairs :P one step at a time i guess ;)

rohma said...

bata tum jangli hi rahna.. wasay main bhi aik hoon.wink.


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