Saturday, 5 July 2008

where art thou

Where art thou?
I search for thee
Among the millions
Hiding somewhere amid thy peers

Where art thou?
Looked for thee
Through the long poignant nights
Seemed like a hundred years
Thousand breaths and yet less
I grew old and stayed young
Through the pensive adagio nights

Where art thou?
Thy glint and wink
And like a wicked magician
Mesmerizing and tantalizing
Suspended thou fly
Conquering the deep blue sky

Where art thou?
High above my entity
Far beyond my reach
Thy splash across the canvas
Of blue, purple and frost.
Like a child so mischievous

Where art thou?
I solicit thine guardian
To decipher the riddle
That leads to thee

In the myriad of stars
One that I lost
Is the one that they found?
Shining so vivid
Secretly in a tryst

The night dawns
With all its valor
Floating, sailing, soaring
The stars shine
Where beneath I stand
Holding my hands
In a wish so intense
Longing to touch
The magic they hold


Anonymous said...

thank you for that comment on my blog.
but this stuff is very good. mature and well done.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! :)

m.h.a said...

You wrote it? Thats very Very nice...though i'll have to read it again to decipher it completely...i've been working in the warehouse in the heat so pardon my slow processor...once it returns to full speed i'll return...but its very very well written...

Mubi said...

@ wqah
you know i loved that piece you wrote. incredible.i even saved it :$
btw thanks ;)

@ shysoul n hassaan

ya, thank you!, i never thought theres much to decipher in it though ;)

Anonymous said...

beautifully written & expressed mubi..its written very fluently & i think its one of the best writing piece i have read from quite sometime now.
i'd save it & might quote it sometime later on my blog i.e: if you don't mind:S

m.h.a said...

Just read it again. Beautiful. But there's this part i want you to explain a bit to me :

"Where art thou?
thy glint and wink
and like a wicked magician
mesmerising and tantalising
suspended thou fly
conquering the deep blue sky"

Mubi said...

@ illusion
aw, quote it? hehe,ya its alright. thanks

@ hassaan
hmm well i m feeling kinda embarrassed explaining this coz its just about the sky, the stars (unfortunately nothing deep :$). m just paying a tribute to the apparently tiny, sparkling stars above.

Anonymous said...

yeah i might use it on my blog so thats why i was seeking your permission..thanks for your approval mubi:)

m.h.a said...

Oh Acha, i was thinking otherwise, not because paying tribute to small things in life is embarrassing but because it just didn't occur to know wat, its not embarrassing, infact, its the little things that have life written all over them...its just that as we grow older, we tend to ignore these little trivial things and fail to cherish them, or maybe we all really feel embarrassed paying tribute to and followin the smallest things in life, even when we're older.
I forgot to tell you, this is my favourite part...even when i didn't know what it was about lol...

m.h.a said...

Btw, what exactly are you looking for? Lol.

UTP said...

good stuff...and pretty serious too...however I cant help tell that it reminded me of the movie... Dude, where art thou? Sorry...

keep up the good work...

Mubi said...

@ illusion
i know, this 'great' poetess allows you lol.

that was encouraging ;)

first thank you for dropping by:)
and the reason it reminds you of a movie is coz the phrase is so common, smth that we take the liberty of using, perhaps the only thing we remember from old english :p

m.h.a said...

Oh no problem. I'm always encouraging budding poets, you know us great poets have a responsibility

Anonymous said...

very beautifully crafted. Thank you!

A.y.l.a said...

very beautifully written, simple yet mesmerising. =]

Mubi said...

@ nav and ayla

thank you so much.
and ayla thanks for dropping by :)

rohma said...

hey poetess, u did write dis one very well yara , very nice.


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