Monday, 7 July 2008

umm, ugh, uff

i ate a lot of water today. yes its been hot, really hot, no adjectives to support the intensity of the heat. all i remember is i ate fajitas Sicilian pizza, thin crust,garlic bread, salad and watched 27 dresses with my friend Rohma and had a lot of fun. it was great till then. later as the day grew old i found myself seeking refugee towards the refrigerator. and so i ate a lot of water, ice cubes yes thats what i meant. i love frozen water, i loved 27 dresses, loved the food :D but i hate, loathe, abhor, detest the generator(in my neighbour) roaring 4 times since morning. what a horrible non eco friendly invention! i am just so upset with myself. i dont know what that has to do with the dreadful invention, no, no i am not the inventor. i really dont want to know what i just wrote, i am in a trance, a bad one.
a day that started with good food, fun, friend, a movie progressed into um, ugh, and uufffs.


m.h.a said...

Sigh. Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

oMg omg omg omg.... ..u fat cow..u ate pizza on ur own...watched 27 dresses on ur own..such a cow, lets see magnums, pizza's garlic bread..gonna be a fat cow.wht r u doing....think abt me as well u knw i live for these things barring the magnum which juss repels me dont knw why..but then i am not much of a sweet food favouring person.......i knw generators...they juss put you off but they have their benefits like my neighbours( yea the wireless ones mubi ) turn it on when the lites go out te ( the net ) works so i ahve uninterrupted internet supplies...hahahhahahha...*tut tut* ami u were taught better my moommy ( rukh) n granny (mubi) ..hahaha.....ohh haan how is the happy mothers day card doin mubi ....see u dont want me on ur blog....i am juss a mess trash really but then it is wednesday dont expect much frm me..its my being trash day..hahahhahahhahhahahahahha ......* lmao *...soo me off to watch fernando n villa ...n,, and , n, and ..liverpool gonna try n buy david villa...OMG ..soo many spaniards .....lets re thinks abt our goin to spain plz..cuz da silva is still there...oh haan haan aur for the 100th time i am soo bored and am onl delayin chinese for u off ...before i start typing gibbeerish .....hsuiiugfiydgyicuhwhnudcnc...this is it to see a doctor to get me mental state sorted

Mubi said...

@ amna
wht do cows say? Moooo :P
you know the plan to have chinese is under progress ;)
and i wonder what ur gibberish wud be. lol. khair and i also wonder how you jump from the talk of anything to football.amazing! btw i think i will have to choose a club this time,. they await my loyalty so keep me updated ehehe.

rohma said...

a really really loud LOL...yup we indeed had a great tym dat dy..n ya my symptheies (ignore da spell check)for dat generators of ur neighbours yar..i kno wat u mean, i heard dat dreadful sound too... chaloo dua karta hain k kharab ho gai..evil heee heeee


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