Monday, 7 July 2008

one way convo.

mobile rings at 3.00 am in the morning.
i m sleeping a deep peaceful sleep, probably dreaming about chocolate or smth else :p
mobile rings again and again and again, around 5 times by which time i m awake.
i try to trace my cell, oooooH, close, i was about to lose it to gravity. phew, thank God it didnt hit the floor yet again. gravity is such a mystery :P
so the phone kept ringing the sixth time and now i am wide awake, out of my dream world. thank you so much caller.
who is it by the way, i wonder?
my eyes heavy with sleep defend themselves from opening even a lil, tiny inch. anyhow, the seventh time i stare hard at the screen and see an unknown number. so its some smart guy probably belonging to some owl specie (coz i have heard they remain awake throughout the night) playing with new/old/whatever cell phone.
i pushed the accept button. why not have a little chat with the caller? wow brilliant idea! but one side chat is even more fun, so i will let the caller do all the talking.

caller: hello?
hello many times perhaps
me on the other end set the cell on the side table.

5 mins later

caller: ab call accept ki hai tu baat bhi ker lain (such a squeaky voice,ew)

me on the other end. sleeping.


m.h.a said...

Haha and the best part is when they ask, "ARE YOU SLEEPING?" i never thought that could be a plausible question because obviously how'd one be on the phone while sleeping...but after reading this post, i think this question is justified! Surely , you can be on the phone while sleeping...
(though you really can't reply to the ARE YOU SLEEPING QUESTION)
the heat's making me go hysterical.

Mubi said...

hysteria is our second name no? :P

Anonymous said...

hats off to Pakistan's booming Telecom sector & to all those free 12 to 7am packages!
anyways mubi beware as i don't think he'd give up on you that easily;)

Anonymous said...

u could have talked to him n given mahrukh osmany numbers since she loves talkin to such unknown ppl n store it in her stalker archive....i think she has on trust me she does...... yup i second tht hysteria is our second name...


Anonymous said...

oooooooooohhhh!! These crank callers and those idiotic "do you friendship with me?" text messages. Ewwww!!

There was this crank caller (or should we call him a CRACK caller?) whose calls I used to pick EVERY time he called, and would put the cell next to TV or just not say anything at all. That deedt insaan also didn't used to hang up, but he didn't know that I was also a maha-deedt, so after FOUR weeks of listening to TV commercials, he finally decided that he didn't have to waste his precious balance to listen to the same adverts he can watch on his own TV! :D

Mubi said...

@ illusion
oh how stupid of me, the free packages didnt come to my mind. lol

@ amna
LOL, so you purposely choose 'wednesday' to come to my blog dont you? btw good idea i will hv to pass on the number to rukh ehehe but the 2nd and the 3rd option are even more tempting :p lol

Mubi said...

@ shysoul
girl whts ur name? :$
hahahaha luved your crank cum crack call story.

Anonymous said...


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."


Mubi said...

lol, but we wudnt know shakespeare said these lines if we didnt know his name :p i believe everything's in a name :$

Anonymous said...

i cum on wednesday cuz it is my hysterical day n being ur friend i have to share it wid u ..soo wednesday is my visitin mubi's blog's ay

Anonymous said...

ah ha, mubi beta, seems like I have to tel you the reason behind not telling my name...

The thing is I am very active under my own name in this virtual world, orkut, facebook, bulletion boards, youtube...everywhere with my REAL name...I have made some really nice friends too, my real friends and family are also very active in the virtual world...but you know, sometimes you crave a little anonymity, so that's why I have my blog which very different from what I am at other aspects of my virtual self. :)

m.h.a said...

you know there was one time that i was a frandshipper too...really...and its not as bad as people say it is..
:p :p

Mubi said...

@ amna
lol, so nice of you ;)

@ mha
woah! now that was smth. i bet you must have been quite annoying :P but its great you accept that you were :D

@ shysoul
lol,ji i got it boss ;) waisay bhi ur nick says it all :D

m.h.a said...

Lol,i'm still that...i'm the sarak chap guy as Mahrukh Osmany puts thought i was not like that? Yar may to hun hi aisa na

Summer Cutee said...

thanx ami for missing me soo much cud u link my name wid tht tarts...i mean seriously dudette come on!!

and cud u guys quit making me notorious here!!! therez a reason i dujn put my name on my blog :@

Hahaha gud for u...i wonder y u picked up the call in the first place...u never seem to pick up mine even during the day :/

Summer Cutee said...

oh and cud u do sth abt the peach colour behind teh pic...its kinda not that gud!!the rest of teh blog looks great!!

lol @ shysouls story

Mubi said...

lol rukh if u didnt write that line no one wud know that ur name is mahrukh :P

i picked up the call coz it didnt let me sleep :S lol, and i felt so evil at that time lol, my lil ways of being happy :P i didnt say that did i ? :$

rohma said...

i really like dat shysouls way... moby y didnt u write dis post some weeks bac. u kno i cud hav used these innovative million dollar ideas, khair no harm done, i hav saved dem in some dingy cramped up corner of the thing dat ma mind is, so all good.


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