Friday, 25 July 2008

Iraq's future?

Women and children suffer the most during times of war is not a new phenomenon. It is a reality as old as war itself. What Rumsfeld, Rice, and other war criminals of the Cheney administration prefer to call "collateral damage" translates in English as the inexcusable murder of and other irreparable harm done to women, children, and the elderly during any military offensive. Not only is the U.S. occupation starving Iraq's children, but occupation forces regularly detain them as well. It is common knowledge in Iraq that there have been child prisoners in the most odious prisons, such as Abu Ghraib, since early on in the occupation. While most, if not all, corporate media outlets in the U.S. have been loath to visit the subject, the Sunday Herald in Scotland reported back in August 2004 that "coalition forces are holding more than 100 children in jails such as Abu Ghraib. Witnesses claim that the detainees – some as young as 10 – are also being subjected to rape and torture." In June 2004 an internal UNICEF report, which was not made public, noted the widespread arrest and detention of Iraqi children by U.S. and UK forces.

excerpt taken from Dahr Jamail's article.

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few days ago as i turned over the pages of the newspaper, i came across another similar news story that stated: 'Hundreds of children held by U.S forces in Iraq...'
children in Iraq held by the military authorities as of May 12 are 'imperative threats to security'


Anonymous said...

nobody commented on it?
thats strange..i wanted to comment on it but i didn't coz off lately i haven't been in the mood to talk about all this stuff..anyhoo don't know whats going to be Iraq's future as i can't see any withdrawal of the US forces in the near future despite Iraqi government's demand..there's a full fledged war going on b/w sunni's & shias which isn't that very good..apart from that mehdi militia is keen on carrying on their guerrilla war against the allies forces which means more killings,more suicide bombings & more blood's going to be shed..amidst all this i can't see anything good happening for the people of Iraq in the near future..atleast i can't see anything but more destruction & chaos..its painful to see all this happening in a muslim country but i don't think Saddam Hussain & majority of his countrymen did anything to bridge the gap b/w their country & the other nations of the world..they used to be the richest country in the middle east & even now they've got the largest oil reserves in the world but apart from invading Iran & then Kuwait Saddam didn't do anything good for his Iraq's nothing but a war torn country with chaos everywhere..i wish something miraculous happens & all this could come to an end..all i can do is to wish & to pray for them.

p.s. i know my comment might have been a lil off topic but believe you me i don't feel like talking about the on going atrocities by Allied's full of their videos & i have seen enough of em to make myself go overboard but its all happening coz of our weakness..we've been vulnerable for ages & now we're paying the price for it..f**k em!

Mubi said...

hmm why no one commented is perhaps the same reasons as yours..and after i posted this entry..i too felt its the same bad things being slapped in our faces and the worse part is we are helpless, jaded, tired of all these never ending wars

Anonymous said...

and the way things are developing in our country,i won't be surprised to see a full fledged war slapped on our faces very soon..signs are there mubi..the suicide bombings,kidnappings,target killings & talibanization-slash-extremism-slash-religious fantacism..its all happening in our country but still very few of us are worried about it..bas we're safe,enjoying our lives in comfy little homes,internet chal raha hai,credit hai texts/night package k liye,movies aa'ti rahain aur fraindships zindabaad aur music ka scene on rahay bas aur kya hell with the rest of the country..yeah i know i drifted off topic yet again but i couldn't help myself!

Mubi said...

indiference..we are all numb. guess the reactions, or to say no reaction from us living in Pk is coz we are seeing everything so closely and we have seen so much and gone thru so much that we have become indifferent to it...
there were scary bomb blasts in lhr bk in march and i heard them twice very close..only hearing them, feeling the shake was enough to wake me up..but what after that? guess i m also one of the numb ones...all i cud do was scribble a few words on this blog, a few for some paper..but what else?

Anonymous said...

it hasn't been long since i moved outa Pakistan..i was there when all this chaos started..the bombings & all this wide spread violence struck Karachi,Lahore & even our capital city Islamabad as well..i cannot forget the scenes of those wrecked building of FIA in lahore neither i could forget the widespread damage done after Benazir's one stage i started fearing about my very own life despite living far far away from those troubled areas..i have seen that monstrous earthquake that claimed lives of so many people in Pakistan..i was right there when it started..i have seen many tough times but the phase through which is Pakistan is going right now might change it once & for all..yes maybe we've become numb but believe you me being numb might not help us for long..we should prepare ourselves for the worst & we should be practically doing something about it..atleast we could some sorta awareness amidst masses..we still can make some difference instead of silently becoming part of this system..yes you're doing your part by atleast talking about it & that is worth commendable..take care & stay safe..ciao:)

rohma said...

u kno da worst part is dat we ARE INDIFFERENT, we dont care as an illusion says as long as net chal raha hai, balance hai, cable a rahi hai, dha hai books hain, ma life is perfect n im blind n deaf to all dats goin on around me..
but now when i think of it, ur right moby,the real reason behind our indifference is dat we hav seen things like dis since da day we were born.. n nobody has succeeded in putting smth to hum kya kar lain ga.. its the hopelessnsss which fuels da indifference n not dat we r really deaf n dumb.

n dis piece reminds of the quote from da kite runner:

"there are many children in afghanistan but little childhood"
its so poignant n true as dis entire post is summed up in this single sentence.


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