Wednesday, 9 July 2008

perfect signs

hahaha this is the funniest so far. it says: wearing shorts/nickers in food street is strictly prohibited/restricted.

in case the writing is unclear it says: 'shoplifters will be beaten,stabbed and stomped.Survivors will be prosecuted'
lol, now thats the thing to do. well this sign hangs on the wall of a hip(ya i think it is,m an old fashioned person dont realy know if its still in with the youth:p) ice cream parlor Hotspot.

stole this sign pic from the internet.
the word 'judge' caught me attention :P

hmm now thats interesting. do you notice the tiny writing, the last line it says about the bridge? lol i loved this sign. good idea put up a sign to warn of the sign itself!

such a teaser. i think this would be the favourite sign of office goers here. too bad we dont have proper signs for lets say a road under construction or the one that says bump ahead. its only when you reach very near you realize that the road's closed or smth :P

i had to upload this!


Anonymous said...

love all these signs n specially the hitler one...though i am quite offended by the caption under it yes with bush but all us nazi favouring n hitler worshipppin ppl r offended the food street one remind me of a recent event involving my younger brother gymkhana and shorts....ahahahhahahhahahhahhahah

Anonymous said...

Love the first sign! Not just prohibited, but STRICTLY prohibited! :D They couldn't stress it enough.

Mubi said...

@ amna
lol, what happened? they didnt let ur bro in? and yes i am offended too, but the other half of the pic tempted me to put it up ehehe

@ shysoul
yes, prohibited is the word! lol, thanks i just added it to the line ;)

m.h.a said...

oh comeon, hitler aint that bad yar...i mean wasn't that bad....

Mubi said...

@ mha

haan amna and i are all favours for hitler. we even made hitler's sign badge once :$ though that was for some other reason ehehe i just wanted to put that sign coz of the other half of the pic :P

m.h.a said...

Lol yeah, you know i've a big copper colored swastika in my in i spray painted it...and that too on my newly painted walls...phir b apni ami se bach gya...i feel like anne frank lol, like she felt after avoiding hitler...

Anonymous said...

haha..that shorts one was pretty hillarious:)
and i believe Adolf Hitler was a much better person than Bush..i give a damn about the holocaust & whatever he did with the jews..even Bush is doing the same but this time he's doing all this with the muslims!
my apologies for going off topic..btw check this out as its pretty hilarious as well ->

Mubi said...

@ mha
lol, you shud put that swastika pic on ur blog sometime :p

@ illusion

looks like evreyone's a pro hitler here ;)
and i saw that picture lol ANGAJMENT? hahaha

Anonymous said...

put musharraf in tht pic and it would live up to the caption...ahahahhahah...and my younger brother went to gymkhana wearing shots n they told him to sit towards the wall so tht no one would see him or else he would be chucked out.

m.h.a said...

Yeah sure i will inshaAllah once i go back. Filhal to i haven't seen my room for a whole month! :( :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

heil hitler:D
*raises his arm*

sista said...

Hey Mubes!

Funny stuff!...I like the incidental 'oh yeah the bridge is out ahead but the sign has sharp edges!' HAHA...the best

Summer Cutee said...

hahaha!! luv these

hey ami shud i put up our signs ;p


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