Thursday, 3 July 2008

flashback syndrome II

here i go again when my series of faint blasts from the past. theres an overwhelming flow of past memories occupying me these days and so i often find myself swinging away with a few blurry images from different times during my childhood. dont worry, unlike part one, this one is just tit bits from the past :P enjoy

one funny and really faint 'waqiya' (incident) i remember when i must have been around 4 is as follows. we used to come to Pakistan to spend our summer vacations. half of our summer was spent with my nano and mamoo. Used to be fun times with a hot summer, my mamoo's motor bike rides and ice creams and mosquitoes, frogs; the latter two being rare back home. frogs. this one is about this tiny little frog that my mamoo put in my brother's shalwar kameez's pocket. lol. i remember my brother running towards the washroom and trying to empty his pocket. mamoo's mischievous laugh and my bro's amusement on the prank trails behind the frail curtains of my memory...
my mother's birthday. she wore a yellow dress, with a black net dupatta. she clipped her hair in a dull gold hair clip, and a prim puff of hair settled right in the front( fashion in those days). with a big smile on her radiant, young face (with a huge frame of spectacles) she knew what i hid behind me. the reason i remember this piece of memory so well is that it was recorded. my birthday present to her was a picture of my mum, a rather comical one with just three locks of hair standing straight on her head. i remember how ma loved her sketch that i drew for her :)
i used to have fastidious habit of being ultra particular about the socks i used to wear. 9 out of 10 times there was bound to be some problem with my socks with one of its loose threads inside tickling my little toes.
while making breakfast for myself early in the morning today i gave myself a generous chuckle. as i pushed down the bread loaves into the toaster, i remembered what a silly kid i used to be( i still am, the latter :p) gadgets have always been something above my IQ level, seriously. i have never been good, not even average in science and thus my ignorance. now that explains my deplorable grades in o levels *blush*. coming back to the way my kid hood imagination worked was rather amusing. i picked up this weird idea or created my own that there are two tiny men with spades down there in the toaster, who on pushing the button start to throw coal on the bread!!!
well the above came a long with me and then unknowingly i forgot all about this scatty idea; the heavy built two tiny men with torch helmets working down in the toaster left me.
i once shaved the head of one of my many dolls in the dark of night and oh hell, how victorious and evil i felt that partner in crime was my crazy brother. on waking up the next morning, however, i had forgotten everything about committing such a deed with my poor lil dolly with yellowish curly locks and kept on looking for it later to have realized what a cruel owner i was.

guess i am done for today. hopefully syndrome 3 wont show up :p


m.h.a said...

My sister shaved off her doll too when she was a kid. I think thats common to all girls. If they cant have blond or yellow locks, they shave off their dolls to eradicate the subjects of their jealousy. True na? You'd know :P :P

Mubi said...

lol, really?
btw the vicious master plan was my brother's idea and i joined in excited and naive that i was :/
and come on i didnt know what blonde was back then :p

m.h.a said...

And ask the kids of today, the first colors they learn are Blonde, and red(head)..i still cant tell the difference.

Mubi said...

lol, you cant be serious. i dont know any such kids!!
what planet did u come from :p red and blonde are SO different!

Anonymous said...

hehe thats cute..childhood memories are unforgettable & they've their own charm..the charm that doesn't fades away for the rest of their life..everyone have their good share of childhood memories & i am glad you had plenty to share with us:)

m.h.a said...

Waisay you know, i grew more mischievous as i grew older, my parents say that. My mom says "hassaan ne kabi bachpan may tang nae kiya jitna ab krta hai"
...i like the period when i was 10 to 14 more, i used to have so many fights with my cousins who later on became my best friends.

Waisay A levels and university are the greatest times of my life. Greatest memories. Wat about you?

Mubi said...

@ hassaan
lol, see i was right about you, you are becoming human now :p again what planet do you come from :p

and yes agreed on that one. what we having today is the best time, its great Alhamdolilah. i have heard that in university we make friends for life. :) probably in my 40s i wud get flashback syndrome to my life now :p

Mubi said...
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Mubi said...

@ illusion

aw, how do you say all those good things? cant disagree :)
and lol, m glad you enjoyed a peek in my past, hopefully i wasnt being a brat, so self occupied you know :$

m.h.a said...

I didn't say i wasn't mischievous when i was a kid, i just said i grew MORE mischievous later on...but one thing has remained the same, my blunders. Its safe to say i committed many more blunders and stupid mistakes than i managed mischiefs. At least i remember that.
check this:
"a guy steps on a puddle of grease, and forgets about it. Then, he goes inside the main offices, which are clinically clean. And wherever he goes, he leaves ugly black spots on the perfect tiled floor. And he for some reason decides to go around all the office corridors. And everywhere he leaves his mark. And that guy is 20! Later he gets caught. On top of that he was scolded by his boss for being late as well."

do you think this can happen in one day?
It did happen.
Certainly this is one thing thats bound not to appear in a flashback syndrome, atleast for a long time!

Anonymous said...

Now, am I the only 'nice kid' here who never shaved off her doll's hair??!! :P

P.S. Loved the journey into your childhood.

P.P.S. All of my dolls had dark ME!! :D LOL!!

rohma said...

hahahhah lol moby, luved this post,

wasy i was never dis shararti as a kid but i do hav a feather to ma cap, i shaved half of ma dolls head... not out of som evil plan, i was tryin to giv her a haircut k wo adhi ganji ho gai bechari..

Mubi said...

ehehe, i bet you had some mischievous kid inside you .and thanks for the comments

@ rohma
thanks yara
lol, a new haircut for the doll? how considerate :P

rohma said...

gee thanks moby..blush..didnt i tell u abt da tym wen i used to take ma doll to ma nanos place wid me, yar ghar akali kasa chor k ga sakti thi..


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