Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Din kay ujalay say,
Raat ki chandni say,
Mast hawaon’ rangeen fizaaon say,
Behti aabshaaron say,
Suraj ki laali say,
Samandar ki lehron say,
Phoolon ki menfil say sajay chaman say,
Titliyon kay rangon say,
Nanay parindon kay kafalon say,
Gum naam galiyon’ aabad shehron,
Dilon kay mailon,
Kudrat kay hassen manazir say door,
Aaj ka insaan kahan kho gaya?

Unchii amaraat kay undar,
Bund darwazon,
Andhayray kamron,
Lambi gariyon mai,
Jhoot kay samandar mai,
Paisoon say khailta,
Dil behlata’ Khuda say chupta milay ga,
Insaan ho ker insaan say daray ga,
Insaan hi ko muhafiz keray ga,
Khawhishon aur aarzon kay peechay bhagta,
Iman ka jhanda uthaiy,
Dilon mai nafrat,
Labon per muhabbat,
Aur haath mai khanjar liyay,
Aaj ka insaan,
Who jaa raha hai,
Dhaltay suraj kay saath,
Dupta jaa raha hai,
Kahbi na taloo honay kay liyay.

the above is something i wrote around 4 years ago. now that i read it i still find it lacking in something. obviously i dont write well when it comes to Urdu, cant really justify the beauty of the language.


Anonymous said...

wah wah wah!! you wrote it yourself? very nice!! Today we are becoming increasingly materialistic.

Mubi said...

thanks. lol.ya but i find it a bit too obvious or umm too simple a piece

m.h.a said...

Simple things can be the best sometimes(not referring to this piece i swear :P)
jokes apart i really liked the first stanza or whatever its called. Its melodic sa, and i like urdu poetry done that way.
Btw wat do you mean by "insaan hi ko muhafiz karay ga"?
And yeah urdu is a really beautiful language. I wish i could write stuff in urdu.

Mubi said...

@ m.h.a

well thanks.
isnt man a fool? we play a constant foul game of hide and seek. we seek a man's security for our lives, we appoint men to protect us and yet whom do we need protection from, and hide from? insaan! thats what i meant

m.h.a said...

Oh yeah thats true. Infact its our own deeds that render us vulnerable to the wrath of people/men. A poor person doesnt have anything to fear, and He fears God only. But as the wealth with a person increases, the person starts to develop strange insecurities. Therefore the very reason he's acquiring wealth for goes down the drain, which is peace of mind, or a good life. And its strange how people expect security after stamping on the dreams of other people.
But the other side is at fault too sometimes. Sometimes, people are against other people for very stupid reasons, and you cant control that. Hence drawing a line is difficult. But thats how life is, the more materialistic you become, the more you HAVE to run after the world!

Anonymous said...

is it a song or wht...wht is wrong wid u mubi ......i dunno wht to say i read a few lines but then i was being me n juss thought ohh WTF...khair dont mind me language u knw it cums with the package of knwin me ..but i aint as bad a mahrukh why am i going off the lead ..but then i guess its thursday and i have wathced sum hilarious leave....

Mubi said...

@ amna

its not a song, just a poem i made a mistake of writing and shite i didnt know u wud land up at my blog and come across it and get disappointed :P
lol, yar its the effect of not being in ur company i guess.hehe

rohma said...

shut up woman, as sir omer wud say..umm its pretty okay, bodering on good, bata u seem to hav da hang of its u can really work to improve it..

nice effort, nice thought, y did did u stop writin in urdu wasay


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