Tuesday, 22 July 2008


for days i have been out of writing material. a lot, A LOT going on in my mind (yes i can think) but theres some unforeseen force that's just not letting me put the thoughts into words. so tired and bored i was browsing through different blogs today and i came cross this really interesting one where i read the poem i am posting below. its an all time famous Punjabi poem"Bunyan"by our prolific poet, Anwer Masood . totally hilarious and fun. its difficult reading punjabi in roman so for convenience theres a link where its being recited.

bunyan lainay jaanday ho
bunyan le ke aunday ho
paanday oh tay paindee nahin
pai jaye tay laindee nahin
lai jay tay doojee waree pan jogee reahndi nahin
bunyan mein dayaanga
pao gay to pay jaye, lao gaye to lay jaye, lay jaye tay dojee waree pan jogee reh jaye
bunyan meree waddiya, bunyan meri
top dee
waddiyan noo pooree aaway nikkayan day naap dee
cheez huway asli tay moonhon pey hee boldee
top naalon goree lagay rassee otay dol dee
jinnay waray chaho tusee ais noo haundalo
phir pawaein bachayan noo jhangian banalo


Anonymous said...

hehehehehehe...Zabardast!! :)

m.h.a said...

Strangely, same is the case with me these days. I've got so much to write about, really alot, but for some reason i just cannot write. Thats kinda frustrating. Anyways, i've always loved bunyan, i remember half of it. I learnt it when i was 13 prolly. Actually wat adds to it is the way he recites it.Haina? Actually, i remember another of his really short poems, its kinda strange:

"nanga peenda,
nanga seena,
bara kameena"
dish anteena"

How very short, very blunt and very accurate.we read that at school.

Anyways, the problem still remains, i hope i can break the shackles to write. There's so much thats been happening.

sista said...

cheez huway asli tay moonhon pey hee boldee

...so true. In the fake, shallow, meaningless society that is Upper middle class Pakistan, I depair of meeting someone "asli" even as I finalize a visit this winter.

Have known this one (bunyan) from Anwar Masood for the longest time - good to see the internet enables things that might have died long since, reaching other/younger generations...

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

omg... i remember this since da day it was aired... and i think it is ... or at least was ... aired almost every eid... and i hav always been in lov with the simplicity of this oh-so-funny composition of words... love you for remindin me of it and makin me smile :) !!!


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