Thursday, 31 July 2008

at the sky

its a beautiful day outside.
mammoth of thick gray clouds spread across the wide sky, dominating the hot ball of sun might be a depressing sight for Londoners. but in Pk a rare moment of sun out of sight is a blessing especially during this season. well its equally delightful to see the sun back after a heavy monsoon shower coz then the spell of humidity suffocates you like anything.
however today is neither sunny nor humid..its just perfect.mashallah.
its breezy, cool, a couple of dark clouds moving in a slow rhythm, migrating somewhere else.
its a day to look at the sky. my fascination for the sky, the clouds is evergreen. Newton looked down towards gravity and questioned it and i, the genius queen look up at the sky and still question gravity :p no sense made right? a blog friend recently told me one doesnt really have to make sense out of our writings all the time, guess i am sticking to the advice hehehehe
back to the sky.
unusually i didnt take any pictures of the sky or the clouds today. it was just me, the jhola( the swing) and the sky. the ultimate experience. i took of my slippers and crossed my legs and sat all comfy on the jhola and swung myself a light ride. the cool breeze did the rest. the wind blew softly and calmly in all directions. sometimes a gust of wind blew to my right. sometimes to my left sometimes only to move the leaves at the top branches of the trees. like the yoga masters i took a lot of deep breathes in and out, in and out, in and out until finally i decided its enough before i do something with my only pair of lungs :P a lot of oxygen to last a couple of days huh :P
as i looked at the sky, the bushes and the trees around me rustled and scuffled amongst themselves as the wind played along.
butterflies are a rare sight these days..and as i think of the butterflies and even saw one pretty little thing today fluttering away to the wind, i remembered that its been LONG since i have seen any 'jugno' the one Allama Iqbal wrote about, the exotic tiny creature that comes with a bulb ;)
the sight that spellbinded me was of a bird high up in the dark cloud laden skies flying away in a specific area right within my range. right then a flock of pigeons flew above me. then a pair of 'maina' ( i still dont know what breed they are called in english) they landed their flight in the lawn; totally comfortable with my humanly presence just nearby. i didnt mention the dragon flies hovering above me and they dont fascinate me, nope they dont :P they scare me a bit lol.
so it was these dragonflies and butterflies on the lowest level of the sky, a bit above were the sparrows, the flock of birds that just made an appearance, and on the highest level where i could just see a tiny figure of bird, wings spread wide, flying with the winds or against...


Abdul Sami Mughal said...

a blog friend recently told me one doesnt really have to make sense out of our writings all the time... hopefully that was me... lol !!!

hmm... dats what i love about livin in uk... lol... when its gray and gloomy... i still love it... and when its bright... i still love it... however, when it is bright for a few days it does get real damp here... not so pleasant !!!

waisay to think of it.. .i havn seen a jugno in bloody ages as well... they are a rare sight indeed these days... we used to get quite a few when i was in the first decade of my life... in our garden... !!! maybe they jus died... or somthin... global warmin... ???

A.y.l.a said...

the weather today, was brilliant.. after ages.. it had been really hot, so the rain felt good =]
and jhoola? aah, i have some very fond memories with my jhoola in the backyard, when ever i had one of my mood swings, i'd just go and sit there with my ipod on, and sit for hours.. once i sat for about 4 hours, just listneing to music and looking up, whereas at other points, i would spend hours chatting away on the phone while sitting on the jhoola..
and jugnoo? you're right sami bhai,
its been quite some time since i saw them, i remember as a kid, i used to catch them and then let them go after looking at them :D
and mubi, lovely post, refreshed my memories =]

uglyduckling said...


The weather's awesome here. =D

Mubi said...

@ sami
ehehehe yes
and ya i know the last time i saw a jugnoo was a long time bk too, at my khala's place...:(

@ ayla
oh! i do the same..sit on the jhoola in solitude and just gaze up the sky or you know..ugh i hate (my) the mood swings though :(
and ya thanks for dropping by

@ duckling
the vibes of the good weather comes frm Islamabad actually ehehe
and if u find ur jugnoo pic, can i have it too :(
btw thanks for the comment :)

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

haha... mubi... ye ayla aur ugly apnay bachay hain... they have followed me here to your blog... give them a warm welcome but be ready to accept totally random and funny from this not so ugly guy... lol...

and haan yaara... show us dat jugnoo pic... i suppose back in those days when takin pictures was so expensiv... it mus hav been real hard to capture a jugnoo pic... specially since they hav their own blinkin rate... plus you hav to control the flash and what not... lol... so dude... show us!!!

wesay we had a jhoola in our 1st home too... but i don rem any such mood swings...

but in our next home... i used to climb up on top of our home.. yea... climb... actually onto da water tankee... it was way high... and always cool... at night.... and would jus lie dere lookin at da stars... or... jus gaze into da night skyline... i suddenly realized that i miss it now... !!! lol...

UTP said...

we used to sleep in the open in summers back where I was home town...and those starry nights were such an experience...I could spend hours before I actually slept...

uglyduckling said...

I can't find the pic. =[ The jugnoo had a luminous green butt. *sad*

Mubi said...

@ sami
ehehe,ya i noticed that ayla and duckling are related to you :D
and abt the roof the house...i wrote a post sometime bk in which i mentioned that the best feature of Pakistani houses is the 'chath', woh tu best haina, the wind at the top esp on the 'pani wali tanki' as we like to term in our desi lingo is a unique thing ;)

ahh so true.,we used to sleep on the terrace as well. sahi baat hai woh kamal days thay..ab tu its all ACs and just a plain ceiling above us :$

@ duckling
lol, aw i would hv luved to see that description visually though ;)

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

i wish i had a green glowin butt... i would be such an eye candy for women =D

uglyduckling said...

I can't find the pic. =[ Sorry. I'll take a pic the next time I see one. =D~

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

so do u still see em ???

uglyduckling said...



Abdul Sami Mughal said...


rohma said...

i went on my chath kal raat and on da panni waali tanki.. bt al i heard at dat moment was police or ambulances sirens and saw their blaring lights... blast... kal it was scarry bt usually is yes serene and and soothing, n too damn very high!!

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

awww.. good to know i inspired a moment there :) !!!

hehe... it used to be my top-of-the-world place :) !!!


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