Thursday, 26 June 2008

toast and chivalry

the above clip is from my latest favourite movie these days Kate and Leopold(oh wow leo played by Hugh Jackman *blush*) . i thought i wont post a thing on my blog for a few days to come but then this piece tempts me to do so thus here so!

the chivalry, the gentleman nessthe toast that everyone pushes down twice( and i thought i am the only one who has to do that!)
the knight (or the duke here) 0n a horse rescuing a damsel caught in trouble

lol, its great :D


Anonymous said...


Its me Ordinary Girl, but since it's blogspot I have to go by my blog's name.

Oohhhhh...I love Kate and Leopold...what not to like? I love time travel themes...I love Hugh Jackman...I want to be sweet-looking as Meg Ryan...I loved the purse rescuing scene, it was hilirious....I loved everything about it...the way they used to at Kate's balcony(whatever that small space outside her window was!) *sigh*

Summer Cutee said...

lol...i love the dog part...when he tries to control the dog...
its been sooo long since i saw this movie!!!

rohma said...

uff hugh jackmannnn...whistle howl drool...all of them...

n hey post da name of the movie, wanna see it.

Mubi said...

@ shysoul

thanks A LOT :) you understood my desperation lol

@ rohma
i mentioned the name in the post. its
Kate and Leopold


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