Sunday, 22 June 2008

raving hellions

prologue: rukh, amna and hina are three friends (i.e to say its about me and my friends') conversation on a fine sunny day which was not that sunny after all and not that fine either. our chat went a bit wild as the below rant got the better of us.

location: college computer lab aka survivors' inn(air conditioned)

rukh: wat the hell is the matter with my friends who wudn't let me complain about my stupid classfellows on my blog...
mubi: because there are more important things to speculate on than just some ordinary 'intellectual' people, so why bother?
amna:''intellectual'' more like whore like ppl in our class!!!
rukh: yups amiz back in form...but still they cudve let me ask some really simple questions they were'nt gonna die right there if i asked them about some foreign ownership or cross ownership...
amna: yea...wat simple questions (sarcasm)
mubi: because they are all saddies in the making, dont you know that by now?
hina: mahrukh utho yeh tum ghar ja keh bhi ker sakti ho!
hina: mahrukh is going mad maaaaaaaaaadddd!!!
rukh: oh god i cant bear the thot of other saddies pottering around in this world making our lives hell...
mubi: as if its any better right now.
rukh: yea it is... we have only one saddie to deal with ryt now!!!
mubi: YEA but shes gona get married and you know thats even more dangerous!!! i mean u cant stop ppl from..
rukh: ...having little saddies!!!
rukh: yea u can they have invented contraceptives for that!!! i think tehy invented that esp keeping saddie and her future prospective kids in mind...
amna: YEAH !!! fernando torres scored a hatrick on sunday!
hina: UTHOOOOO (walks out)
rukh: scored in wat?
mubi: this place runs out of paper every other day and then its she in the back so its a goodbye :P
amna: if it aint paper the internet is a major pain in the backside!!!
rukh: now whos complaining??? anyways the net here is faster than mine at home ryt now!!!
hina: (from outside) yaaar bass kerooo!!!
amna: im hearing this this this and i wanna hear this (accompanied with nice hand gestures)...... THE WHORE CONVENTION address just got a mail frm me!!!
rukh: yea they are so lucky!!! now ami i wanna hear this!!! *gag*

lights fade out, curtains down, we are kicked out of the lab. hurray!

disclaimer: credit for the inappropriate language used in the above conversation goes to amina aka aami.

prologued added on rohma's advice

p.s: courtesy mahrukh. without her this wouldnt have been possible. i think we'll get an oscar for this (what category does this genre fit into?)


rohma said...

ok what was that???

Anonymous said...

LOL! is all i can say :P

Summer Cutee said...

u dint censor it *happy grin*

Anonymous said...

hmmm..which category? Madness? Friends? Life? Being young? anything would fit perfectly!! :D

It reminds me of my college friends when we used to sit together and everybody used to talk and nobody would listen! :D

Mubi said...

@ wqah

ehehe, thanks

@ rukh

*happy grin* flashing bk

@ shysouls

thanks for dropping by
haha, thats exactly what happens, we just go on chatting hardly listening to each other..

Anonymous said...

n ami would be me....amina khalid..thank you thank you for this standing ovation ** shakes head**...thnx god ne u have never been with us on wednesdays n thursdays cuz thts when we out do ourselves...this is wht happens when u lets wacko's loose...hmmm...mubi i was kinda rememberin the day when we named zahra dar (faiza rafique) n really juss laughed for no specific reason ......hhahahahhahahah....God gmail is being such an asshole it aint letting me make a gmail address

Mubi said...

hahaha, oh that was a crazy day! hysterical wednesdays :D

and lol u got ur nick 2 in 1, nando and villa :D

Anonymous said...

plzz tell rukh tht she is an A class idiotic scumbag tart

Summer Cutee said...

ami u can say that to me urself!!
and u my dear are a fuzz ball freak and a gouty, motheaten, flea-infested primate!!!
match that woman:P:P:P:P

Mubi said...

@ aami and rukh

lol girls, relax! you guys sure are missing my company, need some crash course in basic etiquettes :D :D
living upto the title of the post huh? :P


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