Tuesday, 17 June 2008

the picture on the left is going to be my inspiration for this post. for those who dont know, its a picture of a khussa, an ethnic flat sandal. the reason i felt writing a whole post on A 'khussa' is first its my ever lasting love for this traditional foot wear. secondly i am short on my khussa collection this season. i am never out of khussas EVER. a coincidence or perhaps my love for the comfortable yet a trendy look somehow makes me buy a pair of it every time i think of buying something for myself. so thats clear i love investing in good shoes. apart from khussas, my love for trainers is ever green ( i go for brands here :D)
i remember the first ever khussa i wore was when i was 5 (yes all my happy memories take a start from this digit!) my mum brought this petite lovely pair of shocking pink khussa for me from India. i loved its embroidery and design all spread throughout it. too bad i dont have a picture of that pair coz i never came across anything like that.
its been more than 2 weeks since i have had my holidays started. i have planned a trip to bazaar thousand times all because i have this desire to go khussa shopping. sometimes its just too hot to get out under the sun, sometimes i am in an intense state of lethargy(that i am always though) and sometimes...umm i cant come to think of another reason to hide my procrastination.... :$
the best thing about this foot wear is that you can even jog in them, err no not really though, they are comfortable. the only problem with it is that you cant wear them if you have streets all bumpy and muddy with rain water or banana skins laying all over the roads. then khussas are a big NO, especially in lahore. On the contrary, they look pretty little stuff when wore with choridars and even langas on shadis and eids or other occasions. oh how i luv them!
One other reason, though kept secret( for some weird logic of my own) is that khussa reminds me of the mughal era ( i so love to be in that time!! there i go again) all the grace, the nizakat, the motion, the manner, the elegance, the castles and evenings spent smelling roses, admiring the weather, bathing in rose water (what luxury!).
Ah! and so i make yet another plan of a quick trip to the bazar ASAP! and drool over some lovely, ethnic colourful khussa designs and try them on to see what fits my ugly little feet.


rohma said...

i hav just owned one pair of khusa in my life so far!ma mom doesnt much like them.. n so do i, i just realized lol... but yes they r pretty

Mubi said...

no wonder i have never seen you wearing one.
well my luv for them is kinda 'unfaltering' hehe

Anonymous said...

a girl after my own heart....I love khussas too...hav quite a collection and tend to wear them with jeans in London on occassions. My favourite ones are the black velvet ones with gold or silver zardozi-type embriodery on them.

One pair seemed to have become quite tight so I framed them and they now hang on my bedroom wall! great post!

Mubi said...

o wow you got them framed hehe, well i woudnt want a pair of shoes hanging on a wall.. at the same time nice idea :p

thanks :)

Pracs said...

Shoes, there is my next blog !! thanks


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