Monday, 2 June 2008

only one truth

So many truths, so many lies, a bundle of truths here and a web of lies there. all trapped, terribly caught. inescapable. there is a fabric of truths and lies all around us and we in the midst of it are struggling, untangling ourselves in futility. are we really? or are we 'happy' with our share of lies that become true with time or truths that fade out because there are so many lies to choose from.
No matter what religion we come from, or race or culture we belong to. no matter what other tags of nationality or green cards or red cards or religion we tie ourselves to; we are all searching for one truth.
There is only one truth that existed from time immemorial, that exists today and will exist in time to come. that one truth is neither objective nor relative( as i rummaged b/w the both in my previous post) it is the one we all secretly believe in unconsciously or consciously.

There are set principles, absolute things in life that start to become relative. one of them is truth. today solution to all problems lie in saying the magic sentence 'truth is relative' and there you go. However, relativity of truth means that two different, contradictory opinions can exist at the same time. also i can have two to three sets of truth for everything i see, hear or believe in and use them accordingly in different situations. what a safe weapon. who would know that truth could become our very own 'personal' weapon and we know the commonality of the word 'weapon' in our lives today. the validity of truth becomes rather unconvincing. that isnt something to fret about, in fact this way everyone can openly lie and wrap it up in a suit of truth.

Contrary to everything being said and read, the only truth we are born with remains the same for all of us. a link to our soul, a connection to our faith or the absence of it, the omnipotent above all to break our pseudo power; our being towards death. with this is the relation of power of someone transcendent, beyond our visible reach but within our spiritual sphere.


sista said...

"today the solution to all problems lies in saying the magic sentence 'truth is relative' and there you go.......who would know that truth could become our very own 'personal' weapon"

Well said! This one has been 'getting my goat'for quite some time now. How self serving! - it was bad enough to just hold the weapon of 'faith' and 'belief' as a shield against any and all criticism, now we are taking absurd indefensible positions and claiming moral high ground by uttering this mantra: "I have a RIGHT to my TRUTH" - I swear!

Although very atheistic in my intellectual bent, I very much agree with you that we are all tied to and searching for 'one truth'..... I just dont buy into religious dogmas. Thanks finally for the first "Allah Hu" - I have not heard this particular rendering before and loved the alaap.

Mubi said...

the way we have been playing around with 'truth' for our own convenience was getting on my nerves and hence this post.

lately i have been listening to nusrat fateh ali and abida parveen's qalams, though the latter are hard to understand.

btw thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

relativity is for humans. weak ones.

rohma said...

yup, very well said, we all r tied to this one great truth.

u kno u hav seemed to hit the nerve in ma case fr this this ragin conflict had been going inside me fr a quite a long tym now , to be specific dis debate k u dont need religion to be agood person,i hav been hearing this disturbing comment for some tym n it kind of stuck in ma head. however finally today in the morning it just hit me k RELIGION IS FROM WHERE ALL THE MORALITY IN THE WORLD COMES FROM.. HOW CAN PPL JUST SAY THAT, LOOK AT THE BEGINNING OF TYMES, EARLY ERAS MAN WAS A SAVAGE N RELIGION TAUGHT US HUMANITY, I GUESS THEY DONT WANT TO FOLLOW WHAT GOD HAS FORBIDDEN THEM FROM, WELL THEY FAIL TO REALIZE THAT IF HE HAS GRANTED US THIS LIFE N HE IS OUR CREATOR GUIDER SUSTAINER THEN HE ALSO HAS CERTAIN RIGHTS ON US, N THEN THIS STATEMENT K WHERE IS GOD THESE DAYS, WELL THIS WORLD IS THEN A CULTIVATING PLACE FOR THE HEREAFTER..


Anonymous said...

Theres a term for what Nusrat did (and other qawaals and Qaaris) with his vocals, it is called melisma, which is when one syllable is 'sung' in different notes in quick succession. Melisma was practised in religious services in ancient cultures and it has a history of creating a 'haal' in an altered state of conciousness but thats only when its coupled with powerful words.

The metaphors in sufi poetry are profound and it cant be emphasised enough how much they influenced people to convert to Islam in the indian subcontinent. One of my fave Nusrat qawali's is Man atkeya beparwa de naal' (punjabi) with the poetry by Madho Lal Hussein.

Mubi said...

thanks for sharing that :)


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