Sunday, 29 June 2008

My eyes fell upon a mid aged, partially bald guy while i was waiting for my dad to return from a mechanics shop. by the look of his clothes and his mannerism he was probably the owner of the shop. soon the guy did something that gave me a chuckle. he took a comb from his pocket and starting combing his 'hair'. his heavy, silky locks really needed that comb! he must have spent around 3 mins combing and re combing them until they looked the same as before. to be exact in description the guy was bald on the front with a few thin locks right in the middle and then joining the rest at the back.

i read somewhere- the only thing about baldness is that its neat :p


m.h.a said...

Not really, bald people can be cool too...take ronaldo, vin diesel, roberto carlos, cannavaro (used to be) for example..and yeah nawaz sharif and brothers as well..they're more than just neat i'm sure...and Mahrukh's goin bald too!

navcity said...

the 'comb over' look is never going to be fashionable is it?! it has to be one of my pet peeves.

Mubi said...

@ m.h.a
i didnt say bald ppl arnt cool:p
and the examples you gave are very cool indeed :D
ahem excluding the sharif uncles.
mahrukh's a girl and i cant say much about bald girls lol

btw thanks for the intrusion

@ nav
lol, i mean if one has to be bald it has to be completely bald and i am just talking about men :P

m.h.a said...

Lol yeah i forgot to say sorry for the intrusion...anyways tell me something, you commented on my blog about football, you never follow up your comments or do you not? I mean you were talking about football which is very rare for most girls to do...and then you never told me who you were supporting...

Mubi said...

@ m.h.a
i do follow up my comments just that my net connection is giving me a hard time,totally sucks these days

ya. i am a recent football fan i guess :p.. the first time i watched soccer was the last world cup and lately its coz of amna (my and rukh's mutual friend)

m.h.a said...

Haha, i know amna. Though thru a very very strange rare were you supporting at the world cup? Waisay you wanna see strange hairstyles to footballers k daikh lia karo. There was a turkish player Ilhan mansez, he used to tie up his hair in a pony tail OVER his head...that was strange

shysoul said...

well, I guess I am the only one here who doesn't want to side either "baldness is cool" or "baldness is not cool"...i just dont want to have ANYthing with baldness!! :D :D :D

Mubi said...

@ shysoul

lol not having anything with baldness sort of indicates ur subtle 'un-coolness' for it :P


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