Saturday, 14 June 2008

my dad and me

There have been such lovely memories of me and my dad ( though i call him papa) that is so close to my heart and yet how easily they hide in our unconscious mind. today in particular as i turn back and look into my childhood days, some real sweet moments come to life and take me along. earliest ones go back to the time when i was around 4.
Every night my dad used to switch off the lights around the house and i used to help him. now that i think i used to add to his duty instead. every single night i used to hop onto his shoulders and took a little ride around the house as he switched off the lights and locked the doors. but then i grew old and such days became only memories.

On our drives back home my dad used to sing his favourite song "zindagi ik safar hai suhana, yahan kal kia hoa kis nay jana.." and we used to enjoy it a lot.
Our trips to bazaar were something that i didnt use to enjoy i suppose. i remember i was always in my father's arms and while we shopped he used to carry me all along. man i have been such a lazy, troublesome kid!
the funniest and amusing thing coming to my mind right now is that the title to my very first poem at 5 was "daddy's flower".
The recent thing that i cherish are the driving lessons i took with him. lol. the expression of panic on his face used to be so controlled with his hand constantly on the hand brake. he never showed it to me but tried so badly to compose himself and have a brave heart to let me drive. since then i havent drove hehehe
Today this relation has changed so much but the warmth and love remains the same. there are frequent skirmishes and arguments that are part of this father daughter relation but thats all part of growing up and learning. just like the mother daughter relation, this one is sensitive, full of emotions and a bond that lasts a life time.
his favourites and not so favourites are: he hates cheese so much so that we have ordered without cheese pizzas, prefers marinda over cokes, his favourite actor to date remains dilip kumar, loves mangoes, bounty is his favourite chocolate but we are such greedy kids we always eat it, killing cockroaches is his forte and its just a matter of grabbing it with a tissue paper! and theres so so much more.... love ya dad!

and before i end i have a confession to make. the chocolates missing from your share... ahem well i ate them ;) heck i know you know that too but still...

happy father's day from us
(nomi, gul, muji, maina, matar,mubi) :)


Abdul Sami Mughal said...

awww bless... me and my father hav never been close and it always pleases me to see that happenin in others' lives... :) !!!

Pracs said...

Mubi, brilliant work and inspiration for my next blog post (read nicking your idea). Don't worry its not going to be the well written !!

p.s I had almost forgotten about 'Zindagi, ek safar !!'

Pracs said...

The Pics bring a lot of memories back, though you could have done away with not putting the one with our mirror jackets !

rohma said...



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