Tuesday, 17 June 2008

mask, peel, a skin beneath

the love, the hate
the journey we take
bring along, bring along!
shouts a distant voice
all your feelings
good or bad
thats how you deal
peel, peel, peel
the mask over your skin

you are earth and dust and you bleed
it hurts, it breaks and stays
the wounds, the scars, the guise
the rain, the dew, the flake
falls down and strays
you go on
with the journey
the love, the hate
the good and the bad
you take along all, all
bring along, bring along,
a distant voice sings
its your skin
dont peel, peel, peel
or else your heart would lay bare...


rohma said...

uffff wish i cud right this welll, heck no even rhyme two words... my brain just goes blankkkkk even when i think about writtin poetry.. guesss now i kno wat u mean by A WRITERS BLOCK!!!!

sista said...

at the end
of it all
which way
did it fall?

the peel
or the dont?
the will
or the wont?
the good and the bad
the love, the hate
the journey that we take

...nice one, kiddo!

Mubi said...

nice rhyming there :)

they will
or they wont
i know not
the battle is still on
and so on..

probably coz thats the way we are, layers and layers of shrouds that we carry along..

btw thanks(for the comments and 'kiddo') :p


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