Saturday, 21 June 2008

flashback syndrome?

Flashbacks!!!! occurring to me A LOT these days. theres this whole series of times gone by that are floating around me. thats weird, seriously i never dwell on my past THAT much. i think it has something to do with my sub conscious or unconscious state of mind ( whichever fits here acc. to psychology ) that i find myself in a bizarre state of reverie and lost-less-ness.
Anyway, as i was peeling off the cucumbers for salad today ( holidays, free time, mum's attempts to teach her lil daughter something worthwhile so that she doesn't die of hunger, shes knows how pathetic i can get) PHEW ya where was i? hm ya, um alright; i remembered the day i was deceived and betrayed at a tender age and taken to the barber's to mercilessly get my head shaved!! well i was i dont know perhaps six at that time.
The tragedy fallen on my lil cute cuddly self was the attack of Pediculus humanus, those vicious tiny lice! yes i was a poor, young and vulnerable victim of countless lice in my head ( probably got them from some class fellow though i remember very accurately i used to sit with a boy, i mean usually girls get lice in their locks, no?) Since i was dangerous for my classmates, felt itchy 24/7 and kept on scratching my head wildly (so unlady like), my mum decided its time i got my head shaved. therefore i was bribed and lured and enticed into buying a lot of toys and all that.
MuahaHahahaha (sarcasm and dumbness all mixed) i was told to sit on the naai hajjam waali kursi that in itself was an attraction to me. so an innocent, sinless, mindless lil girl sat there all smiles, excited ( ya i was told i will be getting a cool haircut) looking at herself in the mirror and waving back to her parents behind her unaware of the fate awaiting. then rather mysteriously my dad comes up to me and says 'darling close your eyes or else the hair would get into your eyes'. Ahh! how thoughtful of him! Thinking dad saved the day for me, i readily closed my eyes, extremely pleased with the treatment i was about to get. oh and did i mention the barber who was about to give me that 'haircut'? well that old guy was really sweet. but he was an equal partner in crime with the rest of the gang!!
thus i sat there for a couple of minutes while my locks fell down on the messy floor. Surprise, surprise !!! open your eyes.
A whining child that i was i immediately started crying! aw what an embarrassment. but what did i care? i cried and cried and wailed and that too aloud. i was grabbed and told to keep quiet but the threshold had been reached and they were just too late. hurriedly we got out of the shop and to save me from any further embarrassment of carrying along a bald head, my considerate parents bought me a cute lil white and pink lace coloured hat! WOW. lets go back to the 18th century England era.
i soon overcame my grief and abysmal shock. i wore that hat and got busy with my ever- so- busy social life. today as i open my childhood albums i see a plethora of pictures taken by my brothers during my baldness time!! and guess what? i dont only look happy with my new hairless style, i even got the pictures taken with some unique style and poses!

thats childhood, you dont remain sad on one thing for the rest of your life. you face it and you forget it.

p.s this post should have been "head without hair"


Pracs said...

It wasn't as bad as you make it sound like, and hey you were 6, and lice infected !!

Mubi said...

hehe,, actually i have been lice infected twice :$ thats a shame though..just one of those phases of life...

Anonymous said...

LOL!! *Rolling on the floor laughing* That was too damn funny!! :D Loved it!

Mubi said...

@ shysoul

:D thanks a lot dear :)

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

there used to be this special shampoo in pak... cant remember da name... english was it... jus shampoo your hair with it and voila...

and of course... for best affects use it regularly... lol !


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