Friday, 2 May 2008

God created suffering and heartache, so that joy might be known as their opposite. Hidden things become manifest through their opposites. But God has no opposite; so he remains hidden. Light is known as the opposite of darkness. But God's light had no opposite. Thus we cannot know Him through our eyes.



Nav said...

Rumi is one of my heros however I often come away reading his poetry with more questions than answers. So I end up reading more 'earthly' poetry like Nizar Qabbani or Pablo Neruda.

Nice site.

Mubi said...

thanks for your comments :)

rohma said...

absolutely right..this world has been created in opposites even matter which is everythig,has an apposite, the anti matter but GOD doesnt hav it bcz its his creation, he is not a part of his creations, he is above them,we r all his handiwork


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