Saturday, 17 May 2008

exam hysteria? nah!!

prior to exam day. Despite the constant butterflies in my stomach- no preparation at all. reluctantly i decide to study a little if i plan to get a good, above average GPA this time. the thought of having an A on my result card motivates me. hope is pulling away the curtains when the face of my teacher crosses my distant memory and i sink back into the sofa on a hot summer afternoon.

many hours laters i havent progressed a lot. no hope for an A. at least thats decided! whats the use bothering myself with all the media profiles that i have to absorb in my gray matter (little of what is left). i dont want to disappoint my mother, who has started wondering why havent i shown any sign of pre exam hysteria( i have gone past that stage, i get them on different occasions now) Like a good, obeying daughter( yes, latter part of that description is true) i start studying. quite an achievement on my part, with eyes constantly moving like a yo- yo from the television screen to my notes online.

exam day
many many hours later, i m sitting outside my exam room, totally freaked out, with a couple of hand written, no cut that out, poorly scribbled notes on my lap. trying to defy all the chit chat, whispering, shouting around me, i concentrate. concentrate on what my friend's telling me; the summery of the media profile of Uk, Australia etc. of course i cannot shovel all my notes into my brain by reading them. at these crucial times, my hearing abilities are the most trustworthy. guess its an exceptional day. hearing abilities in good condition but its all leaking out from somewhere.

in the exam room. sweating profusely, lights out, jam packed room with stinky odor penetrating into my nose, pen in hand, a blank answer sheet. it says it all, doesnt it? but the question paper turned out to be nothing close to rocket science ( i am bad at science, very bad). a piece of cake. a piece of cake that just wasnt my taste though i knew the answers; the pleasant lightless, fanless, airless room motivated and uplifted my spirits a bit too much i suppose. nevertheless, i submitted myself (forcefully) into attempting the question paper.

two hours later. out of the exam room, out in the hot but at least airy environ, i breathed a sigh of relief, stretched myself ( love this part) and walked with a lot of weight off my shoulders.

and o did i mention anything about the bee? uh ho, no its the not the post about the bee!


Anonymous said...

wow! same situation as mine! :D I was ALWAYS like that, no tension before paper, dont want to study then a sudden panic attack in the examination hall but as i went thru the paper, it ALWAYS, ALWAYS turned out to be a piece of cake...guess Maa ki duayein hamesha kaam kar jati theen! :)

indusvale said...

Aur thori bohot parhai bhi kar leni chahiyae

Shahnaz said...

hehehe... so how'd you do?

Mubi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mubi said...

@ shahnaz

i did quite bad actually :$

btw thanks for dropping by :)

rohma said...

this seems like a sure shot deja vu situation to me yara, join da club babe!! but oh.. ma xams dont always turn out to pieces of cakes, of ma taste or not tuo bohat dur ki baat ha yar


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