Wednesday, 16 April 2008

journey to islamabad

yawning and stretching i clumsily got out of my bed. it was a sunny day in Lahore and perhaps the best day to escape the arrival of summers with a bonus of load shedding. and the nearest and ideal place remains to be Islamabad amid mountains and serene clouds( ah my first love). So i got on Daewoo bus service that takes you to Islamabad within four an a half hour quite peacefully. A beautiful panorama of changing scenery of green fields, wheat crops and villages, a few cows and goats on the way, rivers (although a bit too dry and water deficient) is what the ride offers. Little did i know that the journey back would be a total opposite and considerably a lot more, actually bumpy throughout with dust blowing in your face. That too, however, turned out to be quite entertaining via Grand Truck road.
The best and most captivating part of the journey is when the mountains start to appear. a whole continuous fortress of mountains begin to appear before you as you look out of the air conditioned bus. the weather outside, the train of clouds above, the wall of mountains below seems endless and picturesque. As the bus takes you further and higher towards Islamabad, the mountains start caving you in, almost hugging you in their wide, rough rocky texture. The ride takes you through the famous Kallar Kahar and then enters into the Salt Ranges. My journey ended as the M2 turns north and ends west of Rawalpindi. I desperately tried taking some quick shots of the widely spread out red mountains. Accidentally i ended up deleting those pictures and later cursing my idiotic clicking away of the delete button. however, i soon found a very similar picture of the mountain range online and here it is. but to assure you, i took better pictures than this one :p


Summer Cutee said...

lol...ive seen those mountains sooo many times that now all i wish wen i luk outside my window is that maybe the mountains are gonna hold a dramatic show for me like throwing down a couple of their big rocks to block our bus in my honor;p

Mubi said...

haha. ya i hv seen them a couple of times now too, but then you know my love for mountains :p

Summer Cutee said...

sigh...yea yea...mubis ultimate fantasy dream...mountains and lahore...and mubi standing on a beach wiv the mounts behind her and the sea at her feet...and a tsunami comes from the front and a volcano bursts from behind...and then i wonder which part of u is gonna be drowned and which part burnt ;p;p;p :D:D:D

Mubi said...

listen girl my blog is no non sense ok:p
hm fine, it doesnt really have to be lahore and stop wondering, sounds dangerous for me :p

and you cud be a bit generous with ur comments. instead of inviting ppl to read my blog, they wud just run away :(

A. Joe said...

this picture does it for me :)


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