Friday, 7 March 2008


Do we need reasons to carry some emotion? Like i have been happy all day long today. Reason? None, just that my exam went real bakwas. I think thats one good reason to be happy about :D
Everyone who found me happy made sure they asked me the reason and for a second i was like, hey ya right why am i so happy today? But then do we really need reasons to have a positive emotion within us? We have enough reasons to be sad about, to feel suicidal about and remain forlorn and despondent.
A little thought, a tiny moment of contemplation from my shallow depths made me realize that half the time we keep on thinking and re thinking, trying to justify the reasons behind our happiness. we need logic for everything we do. everyday of our college we keep complaining over the most illogical of reasons they set to confine us. This means that the college admin does something without actually any solid reasoning. Great.
so whats happiness after all? An emotion. under rated or over rated. temporary thats for sure. you never know when it starts and the moment you start wondering it ends. happiness is a moment. only a small fragment from the huge canvas of our lives. a tiny dot, a bubble that bursts so soon. it slips from your hands like sand slips through your fingers and as it flows it tickles you on its way.
can happiness be a selfish feeling? some say happiness is born when you put a smile on others. but sometimes we want something for ourselves too. after all selfishness is one of the prominent characteristics of being human. what remains the origin of happiness is hidden. did Cain feel happiness after the murder of Abel? Was he happy having gotten rid of his rival or was his burial of Abel an act of burying his own guilt.
there are questions and i know the answers. there is more than just one answer to every question we ask. how much is true is a myth. coz in recent times truth has come to being relative. perhaps its just a perception. like my favourite saying goes. "there are three sides to a story; your side, my side and the truth" which means that your and my side are just perceptions but truth is a separate entity. it is something we over look in the process of striving for truth itself. we start to confuse conventions with truth. what people generally accept becomes truth for us. there might come a time when someone would start to doubt your existence only on the basis that truth is relative and according to them, you dont really exist. the dictionary categorizes truth as an 'indisputable fact'. if it is indisputable then why do we drain out our energies in convincing everyone to believe it. if truth is unquestionably real that is to say indisputable then it should show itself to be so. thus i dont really need to justify my state of happiness with a reason that people would think is true. Some would say that since truth is subjective, a matter of opinion, it might be true for you but not for others. in a way you are saying that we all live with our lies but hold on to them as the ultimate truth. what is a lie? how can we assess a lie in the light of truth which itself is full of doubts. help from a dictionary suggests that lie is 'an intentional untruth'. how close is truth to a lie? unlike good and evil, truth and lie are not the total opposites of each other. Basically a lie is a prism dispersing out numerous versions of truth depending on our range of perception. its like saying ok fine whatever suits you is true, ironically it means that you take a lie and present it to be true only because you selfishly assume that it is an objective reality. did Cain have to go through a mind boggling journey too? his actions were subjective , his sacrifice was subjective. if all our actions are subjective based on our individual perceptions then our truth too stands in contradiction to objective reality. what is objective reality? According to Einstein there is a real world that exists away from our conceptions, perceptions, beliefs and relativity. which brings us to the point that there is always a third side to every statement, every story. truth exists in objectivity beyond our shallow interpretation of it. the following conversation ties the final knot to the absoluteness of truth or perhaps we are made to think...

Protagoras: Truth is relative. It is only a matter of opinion.

Socrates: You mean that truth is mere subjective opinion?

Protagoras: Exactly. What is true for you is true for you, and what is true for me, is true for me. Truth is subjective.

Socrates: Do you really mean that? That my opinion is true by virtue of its being my opinion?

Protagoras: Indeed I do.

Socrates: My opinion is: Truth is absolute, not opinion, and that you, Mr. Protagoras, are absolutely in error. Since this is my opinion, then you must grant that it is true according to your philosophy.

Protagoras: You are quite correct, Socrates.



Summer Cutee said...

lol...wat is this post about happiness truth or lies??
very philo...seems like dm classes are paying off on u...and one thing i dint know b4 was socrates bisti achi ker leta hai ;p

"it slips from your hands like sand slips through your fingers and as it flows it tickles you on its way."
i just love these lines...:D

Mustafa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mubi said...

hm ya it kinda got messed up :P

Summer Cutee said...

y did u delete that comment??? who was it from??

Mubi said...

it was from me from my bro's account. i didnt realize i am not signed in ehehe

rohma said...

lol moby mera damgh ghoom raha hai!!


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