Saturday, 29 March 2008


The unfathomable depths. The sense of abyss and the eerie air of the unpredictable.The sun dips and emerges over the horizon that is so close yet so out of reach. The pallid sun of the winters is soothing that sends a river of warmth down my exhausted body. I lie down on the green spiked grass and feel its bristles underneath my numb mass. Face upwards at the wide pale winter sky, I watch rather intently at the sun hiding behind the fleecy clouds.

Nearby the sea waves softly danced on the shore, as if trying not to wake me up. the tenderness in the waves and the playful sound of the water sent me into another dimension. a force, a weight dawned on my mind. its that time i find escapes. coward i am i know. but with that force, the haunting feeling of the unknown, i was exceptionally at ease. i had moments of peace to myself. my mood was to turn back a few pages of my life. not that i have lived a lot. nostalgia, however, becomes our strength on unusual occasions. just like this one. everything fades out. its you and the spotlight, a few dreamy images and a surreal environ. soon exhausted and tired i decided to close the chapter of nostalgia. its not going to work today. i soon realized its a lazy day, when you just want to breathe. and nothing else matters. its like you want to flow with time. you leave everything on nature, on fate good or bad. you want to sleep but you dont want to close your eyes. you feel your throat going dry but water is not the answer to this thirst. you want to hold onto something or someone but are hesitant. you listen to the beat of your heart but its different today, strange, distant. is it really me?

i decided to get up, straighten myself and move a muscle or two. yet i found all my strength having flown to a land faraway. faraway. what kind of a place would it be? like the one we read about in our childhood story books?. a land so fantastic with everything about it so magic like. enchanted woods, thick tall trees that touched the snowy clouds. you climbed and climbed and discovered fairies, elves and eccentric beings dwelling in it.

collecting myself when i finally decided, yet again to get up; sea waves had silenced themselves but glided to and fro. the grass underneath me felt soft and wet. the wind pulled me up. i jumped off my bed and smiled to myself.

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Hira said...

That was a lovely read, mubi. So poetic.


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