Thursday, 27 March 2008

a few words

in the search of truth
on the road of doubts
i find my way
in the light of the sun
through the deep twilights.

within a grain of sand,
and a drop of dew,
in a shell of pearl,
and petal of a flower,
you find what you may
and you lose what you want

its the faces you see
and the voices you hear
the people you hug,
and the cheeks that you kiss
all fades out
except whats yours
and yours is none

then you remember,
its all with the wind
that blew past your home
took away stories,
that you were part of.

its just a few words,
and no coherent thoughts
written on a page.
might fade away too
or perhaps the wind
would blow again
and the page would fly along
with a rhythm trailing behind

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