Monday, 3 March 2008


The most distressing thing about writing blog is when no one, I mean NO ONE comments on it. They would come and read it but would never be kind enough to leave a few words from their profound insight. Sigh. One would call people, message them and even add the blog link on the personal message space on msn so that everyone would know about its existence. This is not desperation. No, no. Desperation is when there comes a time when you are so excited about your own blog, so obsessed with it that you log into the site umpteenth times a day; effortlessly re- entering the password again and again and yet again- so much so that it becomes nothing less than a ritual.

With time, as things start to get old and we steadily begin to lose interest in them, our heart in blog writing too starts to fade away (thanks to the ‘blog readers’). Then you start to ponder over the fact; if no one reads my blog and more importantly never leaves a note, why and how does the number of profile views increase just like the rate of inflation swells in our country. It doesn’t take long to realize the truth about it either.

Initially blogging makes you feel good about yourself. You begin to realize your worth; you finally have something in life to do apart from yawning. It’s like finding your destination and knowing exactly what you want and why you're here on this planet. Our life becomes so organized just because we set out a special time of the day to connect to the virtual world and off we dive hard into the depths of our pseudo intellectualism and furiously start hitting the keys. As words magically start to appear on the screen, your imagination takes a ride with the nine muses. It races, gallops, jumps, hops and does all the Brue Lee stunts. It comes flapping its wings heroically and unveils itself to the world waiting to read your thoughts. But wait, it’s soon that realization hits you hard like the head butt of Zidane. Ouuchhh.

People have so many of their own thoughts jumbled up in a complex, chaotic network of a 100 billion neurons. Already victimized by depression, hyper tension, melancholy and other miseries of life why would anyone want to know of your dilemmas when they have enough of their own?

To be continued…


Summer Cutee said... it gonna get more darker in the continuing sequels ;p

Destitute Rebel said...

I read through some of your writings today, most are profound but on the sadder, quiter side, have faith and with time, people will start commenting, blogging is like a network, you expand with time, get to know people and it grows like a plant and blossoms with time.


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