Sunday, 24 February 2008

This and That

Falling prey to the depressions of life is easy. It doesn't take a second for us to become helpless survivors of how bad life is to us. A daring plunge into the bright side of life now and then should be on our to-do lists. No? Alas we are humans and thus complicated, extremely cryptic (excuse my selection of words; I wanted to put it this way). We are never happy with the way life takes us. Since God gave us the status of 'Ashraf ul Makhlookat' we have been trying hard to prove Him wrong. Just see what a disaster we have made ourselves to be?!

Pushing away the realities of life we want to believe in chimeras, in sphinx and utopia (my favourite and over rated word). No matter how simple life could have been for us, we take it as our mission to fool everyone around us. Like that boy who shouted lion lion. As humans we have this distinctive quality of identifying ourselves to be very different, above the others so we decided to divide our society into a hierarchy. You are less deserving and less fortunate and that’s where your place is. I have been selected to put all the wrongs to right and thus deserve to be on the top of the pyramid/hierarchy. The truth, however, is that we all are pretty much alike. We all lie, we all hate someone or the other, all of us have weaknesses that we try hard to conceal, we all find ways to get our things done; we use our powers no matter how big or small but we use them. From a macro to a micro level, everyone has made hierarchies and placed themselves on the top of it. Am I making sense, no? That’s the point.

Revolutions or no revolutions, they are not the ultimate solutions to our freedom as we assume. They are not strong enough to break the force of survival of the fittest. How many revolutions in the past have resulted in endless harmony? The fittest one day or the other comes and shatters the walls of revolutions and sets its own standards of justice. They are not long lasting, they are vulnerable. The only thing revolutions do is make people aware of their rights, brings change. But then again, change is the only permanent thing in life. If revolution is a change, sooner or later some other kind of change will take over this change. Eventually a revolution that promised so much is reduced to only a fragment of history that would find its place as a memory faded too soon. Perhaps it would only be read in books for the generations to come and probably be critically dissected by the historians from every angle possible. Shreds of it will be quoted in every classroom, every lecture and every university and marveled on. People would wear T- shirts of the revolutionists and hope for a better, ‘peaceful’ world where ‘equality and democracy’ are extinct.


Summer Cutee said...

You know mubi i really really think that we should write lighter and cheerful posts as well!
Honestly I never knew i was such a dark person before ;p

Mubi said...



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