Sunday, 17 February 2008

Thinking a lot?

These days I have been thinking a lot. That is dangerous! I don’t know I just can’t hold back my temptation of being drifted away with the river of my flowing thoughts. I was thinking that there are so many people in the world. I mean SO many. There are times when you can’t even count your own relatives correctly. I was thinking……

Have you ever felt ecstatic, ready for all the challenges of life like they are nothing but dust? Sometimes this feeling of total happiness charms us. Everything looks beautiful, sounds melodic; you even start to appreciate nature’s minutest of details. Every colour there is in the world becomes your favourite. Suddenly you feel like dancing to every tune of music. Life just couldn’t have been euphoric! Cloud nine is your permanent place in the world, there are no enemies, and you hate none. The donkey’s constant ‘dheencho dheencho’ sounds like Beethoven’s symphony and the rikshaw’s (a local three wheeled vehicle) pollutant smoke becomes harmless and traffic in jeopardy is just another tiny problem, totally ignorable. It's simply great like a seraph has shown us the new meaning to life that we were totally oblivious of. Love? no no its not the feeling of love that would be giving you all of the above bizarre visuals and sounds.
Well that’s all surreal, must have been your dream, so wake up! I mean no matter how much elated one is or drowning in love (beyond survival) a donkey’s dheencho can never be Beethoven’s music!!!! You must really be dreaming!!!

but you do agree there are a lot of, so many many people in the world. what are they doing?
told ya i have been thinking a lot..


A. Joe said...

i can't say I relate to that but, hey, you're an amazing writer. Maybe we're be columnists in Dawn together :P

Summer Cutee said...

when do i cum to see you in the mental hospie ;p


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