Monday, 4 February 2008

The Hamartia of Our Lives

We are all victims of tragic flaw. I never quite agreed with Shakespeare’s theory of tragic flaw being one of the primary factors that brought about his characters’/protagonists’ downfall and ultimately their death. All my literature classes consumed by the plays left me conflicting with his idea that seemed a bit invalid to me. Today a couple of years from then I have come to realize how true he had been. We indeed are vulnerable to our own tragic flaw. Aristotle the great scholar of all times described this tragic flaw as hamartia. It is the mistake in the personality that leads to the ultimate downfall. How often does it happen with us that we find ourselves defeated and betrayed? It seems life has been extremely unfair to us alone. The complexities of life maim our souls and through no apparent fault of ours we fall in a deep pit of bleakness. But it is always so easy to blame others for the mistakes that we unconsciously make. Isn’t it? It is like throwing all the burden of guilt on life’s unpredictable ways, on the world and the evils of it that robs us of our virtues. Some things in life become so clichéd that it amazes us at times. When we want to close the whole debate and the inner on going conflict it’s always our favourite line “ah the irony of life” or the oft recited phrase “our fate” and there you go. It was easy wasn’t it? Forget about the contradiction of philosophies and thoughts that we carry with ourselves. But there are things one just cannot sweep under the carpet and forget about them. Sometime or the other it does surface and remind you of your crime, your weakness, your tragic flaw. But like Brutus never realizes his tragic flaw and dies in the process so do we. We are the Macbeths noble yet overshadowed by the power of our hidden hamartia. Overcome by the lustful temptation to kill his king, his master and to fulfill the greed of a throne Macbeth commits the crime of his life. He murders to satisfy his desire but falls prey to his own failings. Irony! The question is can we over come our tragic flaws? Perhaps like Hamlet we can…but in doing so it brought about his self destruction.


A. Joe said...

I loved this post woman!

Pracs said...

This one is really over and above my comprehension, had to read it twice to appreciate the content ! well done. I guess a humanities degree does pay off (now its your turn ot read between the lines). You are the family's offical writer, hence forth. I abdicate in your favour. :)


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