Thursday, 28 February 2008

Gol gappay aur Mangoes

Without even a second thought I knew what the title to this post was going to be. I actually decided to write something on the above title when I was in the shower earlier in the evening. Oops didn't really have to mention that huh :p. Putting aside my comparative religious notes as i ineluctably log into my blog, I celebrate another reason to procrastinate a bit more.

Earlier today, my friend who is quite fond of eating, suggested we feast ourselves with a tray of gol gappay( an Asian mouth watering appetizer). Well that’s how the vendor serves his food, one plate in a tray with a time worn and overused bowl filled with unhygienic but sour and sweet and yummy "khatta". Thus very happily we made our way to the college gate and returned with a delicious tray of gol gappay. Now is when the real fun starts; the eating part. One has to forget all the mannerism and sophistication while eating this stuff. If my friend's reading this, which I'm sure she would be right now, she is going to have her eyebrows raised sarcastically at me the next time we meet and question me if I follow the rules of forgetting all the worries of having my hands getting dirty. Well I guess to some extent I'm concerned about the amount of khatta I add to the gol gappa and then open my mouth big enough to fit it in. The best technique to have gol gappay is to eat like no one’s watching you. In other words Khulay ho ker kaho. That is where my dad's theory of eating mangoes comes in. Mango is indeed a scrumptious fruit and requires precisely the same techniques of eating it like that of gol gappay. Mangoes and my dad reminds me of a beautiful column I came across where the writer wrote about her dad and his love for mango something like this ' a fruit that sends him into proclamations of ecstasy'. Pops too has a sweet tooth, a lot of it actually and cannot resist his temptation of reaching the state of nirvana, bliss, euphoria and all those adjectives that could bring you ultimate happiness.

Coming back to gol gappay and our journey to temporary elation- yes so we ate to our heart’s desire, sitting near the small fountain and parking lot of our college, in the heat of the sizzling sun burning our backs (yes its already the start of summer it seems). Content and fairly stuffed we headed back to the college corridors perhaps privately thinking of the next time we will have gol gappay. ;)


Summer Cutee said...

:(:(:( I miss my gol gappas...wanna eat my gol gappas!!!:'(

Anonymous said...

u and ur appetite ..there is a word as enough rukh

Pracs said...

Oh man, I want to eat a couple of plates of gol gappas ! now do we commute to East London or Tooting,.. hmmph working on the weekend am I ?

Summer Cutee said...

Ami that word duznt exist between me and food :D thats y am soo fat :P

rohma said...

bas kal ill hav gol gappas in kolg!!!


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