Thursday, 7 February 2008


UGHHHHHH.... Every single day is a torture. No no not in university. Well that too is sometimes with some particular people!! The torture i am referring to is the small, medium and large sized green billboards and banners screaming out PML-Q and their 'bicycle ka nishaan'. To add to our miseries we have moonis elahi(weird name and a horrible legacy thats he is carrying forward) who has done photo session for the all the banners adorning the Liberty roundabout and Liberty. There are all kinds of poses that he has had his pictures taken in. Best from his pictures is where he is posing like "I m the next nelson mandela" or "i am here to save the day" photo with one arm raised up in a gesture of waving to 'his fans'. It is RIDICULOUS. Do we have a bigger font size? Because the amount of anger thats boiling out of me cannot be expressed sufficiently enough. The excessive and horrendous marketing of themselves and their party for the upcoming elections is a NIGHTMARE. The public, the poor public who is least interested in who moonis elahi is in the first place because they have more imperative issues to solve, that being atta, bijli, Khush haal zindagi in short.
One day, the day when i actually made the mistake of driving to liberty, i was extremely horrified to see a plethora of banners and even a HUGE bicycle model representing the chudharies. Liberty market wasnt filthy enough by the pan blotted walls and over flowing LDA waste bins(if any) that they had to put the bicycle there.
With the election day approaching my level of enthusiasm has gone to zilch. These are the first ever elections in which i have the opportunity/ right to cast a vote. hahaha. This is where the joke starts. i might sound very critical of everything related to politics but i just cant help it. I can see my vote going wasted; one because there is not even a single party or a person who i trust at this moment. Second there is zero level of trust i could put in the authenticity of these elections.

and now i desperately want to end this crap i wanted to take out. last words? hm Moonis elahi haye haye, PML- Q bye bye!!! (at least it rhymes BETTER than their advertisements that goes something like this "la day tu mora cycle tay" which read in English "Stamp your vote for the bicycle" in a tune taken from Ibrar ul Haq's punjabi bhangra song) If anyone has seen that ad, you know what i mean!


A. Joe said...

awam ki pehchaan hai cycle :D
I actually thought it was supposed to represent the masses, you know people who can't afford cars and all. Dumb eh?
Well, I think you said it for me too in this post. Keep writing :)

Mubi said...

lol i think ur right. it is representing the awam. but the point is they have to do smth apart from just making those crazy ads. :P thanks btw

Pracs said...

Don't waste your vote, no matter what. The choice for Pakistani people in the last 60 years (ie when they have been given the opportunity to) has always been a case of the 'lesser' evil. So make it happen, stamp on your choice (whatever that might be).

Mubi said...

ya i think i should quit thinking of a utopian country and vote for the lesser evil :P but the problem is i dont have ANY choice in these elections!!

rohma said...

u kno the THING that drives me almost insane wid anger is imran khans not standing up in these elections!!!
man, just bcoz u cant compromise on ur morals n u kno u wont win , why the hell did u step into da politics scene in the first place?
its an established fact dat politics IS a bad BAD game.but worst and cowardice is backing out on ur ppl n their little hopes for a little better pakistan1!



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