Monday, 25 February 2008

And i am guilty..

Sometimes even the simplest of things makes one shed tears and sometimes even the most devastating incident leaves us looking at a void but no tears come. What do I know of an emotion such that this one where people have tiny drops of dew rolling down their cheeks? As far as i know myself (and thats quite well) I'm one hell of an insensitive person. I'm not easily moved to emotions that would break me down. There are, however, times when one feels helpless. One of those rare moments took me by surprise today.
Why are we so helpless when it comes to supporting and standing up for our fellow human beings especially with whom we share a virtual link of sisterhood, a knot that tie us together emotionally and perhaps spiritually?
Here as I live every day of my life in luxury and comfort, there are my relations that i am somehow linked with, who suffer tremendously. While i sleep a carefree night in a warm bed, some little girls hide behind a fragile wall all night long awaiting their humiliated fate. Violence and insecurity have replaced the peace and integrity of my land too but I am from the guilty lot who has survived it all, untouched. I have shielded my pristine self from getting maimed and shattered physically at least. Apparently so we have triumphed over the brutalities of life. On the surface yes, but inside we too are shattered into tiny pieces.
So what do I do to save the ones fighting for what is theres. What do I do to hide my shame and conscience? Why do I close my eyes and hide my face and pretend that everything is fine. I see my own reflection in the figures sacrificing their skin, their blood, their soul. There has been a lot of blood, and there will be more of it. What can I do if not close my eyes when the ghostly waves of guilt drown me?


Summer Cutee said...

all i can do is give u a huggie back...

Pracs said...

To start with, You use your position and place in society by doing your little bit.

The rest comes with time, patience and hard work.

You did your first bit by thinking about it and then blogging it !

rohma said...

i agree wid praces but speaking for myself..its easier said then done, it needs alot of persistence n persistence which i dont think i hav any so i do what u do moby, just see the action from the sidlines n move on with ma life.

Mubi said...

and watching from a distance.. that hurts


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