Thursday, 17 January 2008

Utopia No topia!

Helpless. Period. I feel even more than just helpless. What precisely does the government or the higher authorities in whose hands we have been thrown mercilessly think they are playing with?

No electricity, no gas, no wheat. The focus is on these presently ( there is a long list of things denied for over 60 years by the changing governments having one thing in common though…) For an average Pakistani these are just few of their primary needs. And this is no new story. The poor of the country that make up the majority of the populace has no access to the any of the above mentioned. In the days to come it seems they would become some alien things to us. Talk about going back to Stone Age with no power supplies and no gas! Walla!

How exactly are they going to survive? Bogus terms and words that mock us- “Parha likha Punjab”, “Peoples’-cum- Dynastic party”, “President”, “Democracy”, “Free and Fair Elections” are not what the compatriots want. They are not going to die dreaming of these or perhaps that is what’s actually happening.

A breathe of fresh air, clean water to drink, wheat, adequate gas supply in the harsh winters (esp. in the post earthquake hit northern areas-another tragic story though), secure lives. Basic facilities. Why have these basic needs become a luxury for only this nation?

Perhaps because our “guardians” know how to keep the hungry, naked and the uneducated busy in the battle to survive while they play the ruthless game politics politics on the expense of some precious lives.

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