Thursday, 17 January 2008

I Walked Miles and Miles

I walked miles and miles
Days, weeks and years slipped away.
Many dusks and many dawns,
Many suns and many moons,
Accompanied me through waters and winds,
Yet I walked miles and miles.

My breath fought back rains and storms.
The sand dunes disguised a new face, everyday,
Drenched in rain,
I lost my way many times,
Broke down and cried,
Yet I walked miles and miles.

The horizon was far away,
Many illusions on the way,
Delusions that left me maimed,
My muses already gone away,
But I walked miles and miles.
The inward fire blazed outside
The desire was still alive,
Like the soaring bird in the sky,
Thus I walked miles and miles.

Unending days left me silver and grey,
Time and destiny were there to betray,
I learned my way, unlearned it again,
For I wanted to travel the journey unknown

And so i walked miles and miles


Carpe said...

i like the rhyme and the theme. the idea in general. over all its a bit sad bt again, the idea is good

Anonymous said...


The theme and flow is really touching(:

Adding you to my blogroll:)


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