Wednesday, 23 January 2008

the city i belong to.

The city of Lahore

When I first set foot in this city at seven, little did I know that I would actually fall in love with Lahore. It is the city of my parents and their parents. Their childhood stories of the old Lahore delights them and how it has changed over the years deeply wounds my heart. Over the years I have developed a new found love for a city so rich in culture, traditions, food and heritage. When the city bleeds I bleed. When its soil is jaded I feel the burden of it on me.

Today the picture of Lahore is dilapidated. It stands as an over crowded city in the midst of the chaotic bustle of life and haphazard urbanization. A city famously known as city of gardens, rich in Mughal heritage, historical twelve gates; today is crammed with beggars, pollutant auto rickshaws, donkey-drawn carts and automobiles running fanatically- breaking all laws and order(if any).

The old city/interior is something to treasure for years to come and generations to see. The sad part is that even my generation has found it’s already ruined. Taking its last breaths “andoroon shehr” as is called has lost its charm and opulence.

Ugliness in its worse form is engulfing the city. More than it could have bore, the city has been plagued by innumerable terrorist attacks, bloody strikes and Lathi charges. The city has reached the threshold of its vulnerability that has been taken advantage of rather ruthlessly. Weighed down by layers of dust to undue political gimmicks all has washed away the charm, the true essence of Lahore. The soul of the city has been raped and we have stood as mere spectators amusing ourselves with decaying of a city that is a part of us.

much more to say but for the time being nothing more.


Pracs said...

Change=development. Rising real estate prices = development. It's all good mubi, soon we will have more sky crappers in Lahore than we had all over Pakistan.

Who needs the dozen 13th century city gates !

Mubi said...

but in order to progress we need to preserve our past too.


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