Wednesday, 23 January 2008

3 weeks of yawning

SIGH.....what brings me here is not my desire to avalanche my disturbing thoughts to the poor souls reading this. i am in a poignant mood to keep the thoughts inside for a while and decay me some more. its just that i wanted to prove something to someone although i had to email before i even started off with this. crazy as it gets i had to log in.....

what shall i write? think. think. think. thinking...its happening don't worry its going to come. and walla. something to write about:D Heath Ledger only 28 died yesterday. well i didn't know that guy's name just face until today! i remember back in A levels there was a hype when the controversial movie Brokeback Mountain hit the cinemas and reviews came pouring in soon (thanks to piracy). This evening as i was 'surfing' through different channels Ledger's face once again slided in and i remembered hes the same guy from Casanova.
i have this terrible problem in learning the lyrics of songs and even my own poems for that matter and as is obvious faces too. sounds dangerous. lets just put this thought away for a while.

what a shallow piece of writing! alas!

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